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Description of data release revisions

May 10 2012 : V1.1 release

This release contains 5923404 entries. A small number of sources were removed that were affected by image focus issues, these will be re-observed and included in the next release. In addition, some sources with spuriously bright magnitude values were present in the original release. These have now been fixed.

Feb 28 2012: V1 release

Initial data release catalogs comprising 5978118 entries. This release has now been superseded by V1.1. Original files are still available below but users should use V1.1.

KIS V1.0 extended [CSV] [FITS]

KIS V1.0 standard [CSV] [FITS]

Dec 18 2012: V2.0 DR2 release

Combined 2011 and 2012 data, supersedes previous releases.