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A list of the posters presented at the conference is shown below, and can be downloaded from this link: poster list

With the permission of the posters' authors, we have made the pdf files available for download. To access a particular poster, please click on the title.

# Poster Title Presenter
1 PLAnetary Transits and Oscillations of stars - PLATO Rauer
2 PLATO Mission Consortium Rauer
3 PLATO Data Centre Burston
4  PLATO Science Management Brown
5  Optimized photometric masks for deriving PLATO on-board lightcurves Marchiori
6 On-board outlier detection algorithms for PLATO Chifu
7 Phaedrus, a rapid prototype of the PLATO processing pipeline Gutiérrez-Marqués
8 Estimating PLATO's false positive rate using Kepler as a calibrator Rowden
9 Gaia simulations for PLATO Carrasco
10 Assessing the Impact of Stellar Companions on the Determination of Planet Properties for Transiting Planets Ciardi
11 Spectroscopic and Photometric Survey of Northern Sky for the ESA PLATO space mission Mikolaitis
12 Preparatory observations of the PLATO Southern Field using the BMK10k robotic telescope Weingrill
13 Wavelet based filter methods for the detection and characterization of transiting planets in light curves of space based telescopes Grziwa
14 Ground-based multicolour photometry in planet candidate validation Parviainen
15 Joint Taunteburg-Ondrejov spectroscopic follow-up facility Kabath
16 The stellar pulsation timing detection method for substellar companions Mackebrandt
17 PDC WP 334 600 Science Flux Alerts: detection of transient astronomical events of scientific interest with PLATO Boudreault
18 Planetary atmospheres characterised by CHEOPS and TESS in the presence of stellar activity Singh
19 CHEOPS: an overview of the mission Isaak
20 CHEOPS: the Guest Observers Programme Isaak
21 Observations of exoplanet atmospheres using the PLATO fast cameras Grenfell
22 PLATO Optical Phase Curves: Variability in Exoplanet Atmospheres Armstrong
23 Orbital parameter estimation of extrasolar multi-planet systems by Transit Time Variation Korth
24 Connecting physical mechanisms to observations of the rocky exoplanets most amenable to characterization Saxena
25 Comparison Catalogue for Gas-Phase Equilibrium Constants Worter
26  Modelling of the RGs KIC 003758458 and KIC 009882316 by means of asteroseismology with Kepler Constantin
27  Looking inside the rotating red giant star KIC 614777 by means of asteroseismology with Kepler Pricopi
28  Deciphering the oscillation spectrum of γ Doradus and SPB stars Christophe
29 Inclusion of turbulent pressure perturbation in computation of adiabatic oscillation frequencies Sonoi
30 Coarse Graining Spectral Analysis (CGSA) – an application to classification of stellar variability Granado
31 Tomography Of Spotted transit Chords (TOSC) Scandariato
32 Detection of activity cycles in Kepler stars Gizon
33 Time variability in the evaporation of WASP-12b Lam
34 Measuring the masses and radii of EBLMs found by the WASP survey Gill
35 Determining accurate atmospheric parameters of FGK stars Gill
36 What is causing the spirals in the disc around Elias 2-27? Meru
37 Population synthesis models for Gravitational Instability planets, a community effort Nayakshin