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Tuesday 5th September
The PLATO Mission
Welcome Pollacco
PLATO, the M3 mission in ESA's Cosmic Vision Programme Heras
PLATO Science and the Mission Consortium Rauer
The PLATO satellite - ESA perspective Johlander
The PLATO satellite - payload consortium perspective Schweitzer
PLATO ground-based follow-up observations Udry
The PLATO Input Catalogue Piotto
Exoplanets 1
Transit detection in the presence of stellar noise (invited talk) Aigrain
Synergies between the Kepler, K2, and TESS missions with the PLATO mission (invited talk) Jenkins
Automatic planet candidate vetting in the PLATO era Armstrong
Unearthing Earth analogues hidden in noise: clues from the HARPS-N solar telescope? Watson
Shallow transits - deep learning Zucker
Core Stellar Science 1
Current performance of seismic diagnostics and stellar parameter determination (invited talk) Cunha
Seismic measurements for main sequence stars and subgiants (invited talk) Benomar
Limits on radial differential rotation in Sun-like stars from parametric fits to oscillation power spectra Nielsen
Observing the brightest stars White
Calibrating asteroseismology with multiple-star systems Gaulme
The structure and evolution of M-dwarfs (invited talk) Salaris
Complementary Science 1
Introduction to the PLATO Complementary Science program Tkachenko
PLATO's capacoty and opportunity for cluster studies (invited talk) Gieles
Eclipsing binary stars with Kepler K2 - a foretast of PLATO complementary science Maxted
Galactic archaeology (invited talk) Miglio
Modelling stellar activity with Gaussian processes Barros
Wednesday 6th September
Planet-star Interactions
Magnetic interactions between stars and close-in planets (invited talk) Strugarek
Evolution of stellar magnetic fields Lueftinger
Planetary atmospheric escape Fossati
Modelling star-planet tidal interactions to constrain migration scenarios Damiani
Modelling Exo-clouds: the element abundance challenge Helling
Exoplanets 2
Exoplanetary phase curves (invited talk) García Muñoz
Synergy between asteroseismology and exoplanet observations Campante
Combining asteroseismology and exoplanet science Van Eylen
Research on circumbinary planets with PLATO Deeg
Planets transiting hot subdwarfs and white dwarfs: from Kepler/K2 to TESS to PLATO Silvotti
Observing dusty planets with PLATO Bourrier
Young transiting planets in the K2 clusters Gillen
Mimics amongst K2 validated planets Cabrera
Extrasolar moons Heller
Review of TTV techniques and application to PLATO Nascimbeni
The information-rich properties of resonant chains Mardling
A spectral approach to transit timing observations Ofir
Core Stellar Science 2
Transport of angular momentum within star (invited talk) Eggenberger
3D MHD numerical simulation with the ASH code Brun
Stellar abundance and parameter determinations with the aid of three-dimensional model atmospheres Collet
Latest developments in the physics of solar/stellar dynamos (invited talk) Jouve
Modelling of convection Kupka
Exploring the rotation-activity relation of late-type main dequence stars with PLATO Raetz
Stellar limb darkening and polarization: prospects for PLATO Kostogryz
Effect of the history of stars on the tidal evolution of close-in planets Bolmont
Constraining planet structure from stellar chemistry Santos
Toward habitable planets: evolutionary studies of planets around solar-type stars Guedel
Thursday 7th September
Complementary Science 2
How to deal with rapid rotation? Ballot
Seismology of rapidly differentially rotation stars with gravity waves Prat
A new classification scheme for intrinsic variability of close binary stars Debski
On the frequency pattern estimates from an entropy based method Suarez
Exoplanets 3
Evolution of planetary systems (invited talk) Mordasini
Comparative planetary interiors and the effects on habitability (invited talk) Breuer
From Juno to PLATO: the link between solar giant planets and giant exoplanets Guillot
How PLATO's asteroseismic stellar age constraints could track planetary evolution Veras
Planets and debris disks Marzari
Low mass planet migration in magnetised protoplanetary discs Nelson
The dynamical evolution of transiting planetary systems including a realistic collision prescription Mustill
Breaking the mass radius internal composition degeneracy for rocky planets Brugger
Ground-based Support for Space Missions
Lessons learnt from the Kepler/K2 follow-up observation programs: leading to PLATO Ciardi
The HARPS-K2 ESO large program Santerne
KESPRINT: high-precision mass and radius determination of K2 planets Csizmadia
Compressed sensing tools for RV data analysis Hara
TESS follow-up observing program Latham
Existing and new RV facilities for the follow-up of transit candidates for TESS and PLATO Bouchy
Carmenes Amado
HiRES/ELT follow-up of PLATO candidates for atmosphere characterisation Pallé
Gaia synergies with PLATO Walton
NGTS support to PLATO Wheatley
Estimating the PLATO yield Roger