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New research could literally squeeze more power out of solar cells

A team led by Marin Alexe has published new research in the journal Science that could literally squeeze more power out of solar cells by physically deforming each of the crystals in the semiconductors used by photovoltaic cells. The paper entitled the “Flexo-Photovoltaic Effect” was written by Professor Marin Alexe, Ming-Min Yang, and Dong Jik Kim.

Fri 20 April 2018, 10:35 | Tags: Feature News, Press, Research

Physics staff nominated for Staff Awards 2018

Congratulations to the following, who have been longlisted for Staff Awards this year:

Ally Caldecote (Public Engagement Contribution)
Rosalind Johnstone (Service Excellence)
Mareike Herrmann (Unsung Hero)
Astrophysical Transients team (Research Contribution)
John Horsler (Brilliant Newcomer)

For a full list of longlisted nominees, see here for individual and here for team.

Thu 19 April 2018, 09:26 | Tags: Staff and Department, Awards

Newly-discovered planet is hot, metallic and dense as Mercury

A hot, metallic, Earth-sized planet with a density similar to Mercury - situated 339 light years away - has been detected and characterised by a global team of astronomers, including the University of Warwick.

Fri 13 April 2018, 12:23 | Tags: Feature News, Press

First detection of the second harmonic of decay-less kink oscillations in the solar corona

Fourier analysis of solar EUV observations has revealed two periods within an oscillating coronal loop. This finding has exciting implications for applying seismology generally.

Mon 19 March 2018, 16:51 | Tags: Research

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