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New paper: Hot carriers in the perovskite semiconductor CsRbSnI3

Results from one of our PhD students, Maurizio Monti, have just been accepted for publication in J. Phys. Chem. C. Well done to Maurizio on his first paper, and the first paper from the optical-pump THz-probe (OPTP) spectroscopy beamline at WCUS. In this work we have used OPTP to study how rapidly the energetic carriers in a perosvkite semiconductor relax in energy within their bands.

Tue 21 August 2018, 09:59 | Tags: Paper, Terahertz

Paper accepted: Unravelling the Photoprotection Properties of Mycosporine Amino Acid Motifs

Our PhD student, Jack Woolley has had his first paper accepted as first author! The work is on the photodynamics of a naturally occurring sunscreen molecule found in Algae amongst other places, and could be an important first step in developing the next generation of sunscreens. Well done Jack!

Thu 17 May 2018, 16:04

Conference presentations


WCUS members have been presenting our recent work at a few conferences so far this year.

Connor Mosley will be talking at this year's APS March Meeting in Los Angeles about our recent work on hysteresis and spin disorder in the magnetically-induced multiferroic CuO.

James Lloyd-Hughes gave an invited talk at the Max Planck Society's "Functional Interfaces in Materials and Chemistry" research school's annual workshop in Schloss Ringberg, Bavaria. This was an excellent meeting - thanks to the organisers!

James also gave an invited talk at the 2nd Terahertz and Materials Meeting at the University of Chester - thanks to Dr Bin Yang for the invitation and the exciting day of talks.

Mon 05 March 2018, 22:57 | Tags: Conferences

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