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Researching the labour market information system for careers guidance

The labour market information system in England is well-developed with a range of organisations at national, regional and local level playing different roles in supplying, interpreting and/or disseminating data and information on the economy and labour market, for the purpose of supporting transitions into and through the labour market. However, the labour market information system for careers guidance support in England has the potential to improve significantly if resources can be harnessed more effectively.

New research by Dr Sally-Anne Barnes and Professor Jenny Bimrose from the IER investigated the range of sources for the supply of labour market information (LMI) and intelligence in England. The aim of the research, supported by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, was to broaden knowledge of from where, and how, LMI and intelligence is produced, supplied and disseminated in the careers landscape. Findings show how approaches to collecting, analysing and disseminating LMI for young people vary according to the priorities reflecting the missions of different organisations. The result is a complex and confusing system of labour market information. Overall, there is a need for more expertise and resources at the regional and sectoral level to take advantage of the data available.

Reports detailing the research and further findings, together with a matrix of sources reviewed are now available.

Wed 10 Nov 2021, 10:00