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Graduate careers - does business size matter?

'Graduate careers - does business size matter?' is the study of what graduates do in small and large businesses, how graduates use their knowledge and skills, and how far business size matters for the way in which graduates work.

The project is carried out by Daria Luchinskaya, at the Institute of Employment Research, University of Warwick. Using mixed methods, the project combines Futuretrack dataset analysis and in-depth interviews to investigate graduate employment in small businesses and the implications that this has for graduates' career development prospects and business performance.

The resulting PhD thesis, '“It’s not already laid out for you in a small company”: UK graduates’ knowledge and skills utilisation in small and large businesses,' was submitted in April 2015. The PhD findings, in addition to those listed below, will be made available shortly. Many thanks to all the participants in this project and wishing you all the best in your future careers!


More findings to come!

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Further information

Please see About the study for more information, and do not hesitate to contact Daria for any questions.

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