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IER Doctoral alumni

Former IER PhD in Employment Research students:
  • Ilias Livanos, Exploring the changing patterns of skills in Greece : an analysis of the Greek labour market in the context of the international debate about the role of skills. Graduated 2008
  • Pamela Suzanne, The work-role transition experience of business professionals: The case of Argentinean MBAs. Graduated 2013
  • Charikleia Tzanakou, Beyond the PhD: the significance of boundaries in the early careers of highly qualified Greek scientists and engineers. Graduated 2012
  • Wan Abdullah Wan Arnidawati, Supported employment : persons with learning difficulties in Malaysia. Graduated 2013
  • Di Zhang, Early Career Development in Chinese Banking: the Impact of Overseas Education on Graduate Experiences. Graduated 2013
  • Daria Luchinskaya, "It's not already laid out for you in a small company" : UK graduates' knowledge and skills utilisation in small and large businesses. Graduated 2016
  • Mariam Gbajumo-Sheriff, Does work-life balance have a cultural face? Understanding the work-life interface of Nigerian working mothers. Graduated 2017
  • Dorothee Gnaedinger, Manageability of workplace pensions : Swedish multinationals in Mexico. Graduated 2018
  • John Gough, Professional Identity: The case of English Careers Guidance Practitioners. Graduated 2018
  • Mohd Onn Rashdi Abd Patah, Developing a career in the Malaysian hotel industry: A narrative analysis of the career experiences of local middle managers. Graduated 2018
  • Szilvia Schmitsek, Dropout-rate reducing strategies in England, Denmark and Hungary. Graduated 2018
  • Olga Siemers, Skills for here or to take away? Analysing the career trajectories of mobile PhD graduates in Europe. Graduated 2018
  • Matthew Cooper, Youth unemployment in policy discourse: a tale of two recessions in the West Midlands. Graduated 2018
  • Sally WrightLink opens in a new window Conceptualising and operationalising job quality in Australia Graduated 2019
  • Lorraine Johnson, The Influence of Intermediary Systems on Public Sector Transitions During a Period of Austerity. Graduated 2020
  • Jeisson Arley Cardenas Rubio, A web-based approach to measure skill mismatches and skills profiles for a developing country: the case of Colombia. Graduated 2020
  • Barbara Janta, Impact of family formation on Polish migrants' settlement in the United Kingdom. Graduated 2020
  • Sharon Chohan, New Public Management and its impact on the Voluntary Sector: a case study of youth unemployment services in Coventry. Graduated 2020
  • Jiang Yang, Exploring the relationship between innovation and job quality: evidence from China. Graduated 2020
  • Rebecca Wilde, An Empirical study of the Nursing labour supply decision in England. Graduated 2021
  • Tannis Goddard, Online Career Learning: Integrating ICT for Service Transformation. Graduated 2021
  • Bhaskar ChakravortyLink opens in a new window, An Experimental evaluation of the determinants of participation in skill training programs and the impact on employment and
    wages. Graduated 2022
  • Joanna Octavia, Add me to the group: How informal workers organise and mobilise in the digital age. Graduated 2023