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Professor Robert Lindley

Research interests

Principal fields of research are concerned with:the inter-relationships between the economy, the labour market and the systems of education and traininginstitutions, organisations and markets in European economic and socialdevelopment, including European integration per sethe political economy of labour marketsthe evaluation of policymodelling and forecasting labour market behaviour in a period of major demographic, technological and global economic change

Robert Lindley works on both competitiveness and social welfare, at international down to regional and organisational levels. Particular issues of current interest are: the integration of research on labour, learning and innovation in the so-called 'knowledge-based economy'; the relationship between the 'economic' and the 'social' and the scope for achieving mutually-reinforcing gains in efficiency and equity at international, national and organisational levels; and population ageing and its implications for the economy and the labour market. He also has a special interest in the development of the research base, the role played by scientific evidence in the policy system, and the organisation of the policy development process.

His work in the above fields often has a strongly policy-orientated focus and much of it is now carried out in a multi/inter-disciplinary context and this influences the form of publication (particularly towards book chapters and publication in the series of major sponsors of research) and dissemination via inter-disciplinary scientific or policy-related conferences.

Academic profile

Professor Robert Lindley is founding director of the University's Institute for Employment Research, established in 1981, and has been a professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences since 1982. His main fields of research are related to the labour market and its interactions with other parts of the socio-economic system, especially in an international comparative context and regarding the design and impact of policy. He has served on many UK and EU advisory and related bodies. These include rapporteur to the EU Competitiveness Advisory Group appointed by the Commission President, joint chair of the EU Round Tables on the Social Dialogue, member of a group of four social scientists advising the Portuguese Presidency of the EU on the 'Lisbon Strategy', and consultant to the Commission on the evaluation of the National Action Plans. During 2004-05 he was a member of the Research Careers Committee, chaired by Sir Gareth Roberts and set up by the Research Base Funders' Forum. He has chaired the Association of Research Centres in the Social Sciences (2004-07), is a member of its Executive Committee, and is a member of the UK Strategic Forum for the Social Sciences.

Robert Lindley was a member of the Steering Committee of the University from 2005 to 2009. He was Pro-Vice-Chancellor for International Affairs and Equality and Diversity during 2005-07 and Chair of the Faculty of Social Studies (now Social Sciences) during 2007-09. He was a member of the University Council from 2001 to 2010, either as one of the eight appointees of the Senate or as PVC.

Current projects

  • Early Career Fellowship: Dr Milena Krema. Funded by the Leverhulme Trust. Project start date: 01/10/2013 - Project end date: 30/09/2016
  • Analysis of the Future Labour Supply and Demand in Germany. Funded by Economix. Project Start Date: 01/11/2011 - 30/12/2016

All projects

Selected publications

  • Frerichs, F., Lindley, R. Aleksandrowicz, P., Baldauf, B. Galloway, S. (2012) 'Active ageing in organisations: a case study approach' International Journal Of Manpower 33 (6), 666 - 684
  • Principi, A., Lindley, R., Perek-Bialas, J. and Turek, K. (2012) 'Volunteering in older age: an organizational perspective' International Journal Of Manpower 33 (6), 685 - 703
  • Lindley, R.M. (2012) 'Extending Working Life: Employer Behaviour and Social Policy' in European Integration Process in the New Regional Global Settings, 375 - 386, Editors: Latoszek, E., Kotowska, I.E., Nowak, A.Z. and Stêpniak, A., Warsaw: Elipsa Publishing
  • Neelands, J., Lindley, R.M., Lindsay, G., Winston, J. and Galloway, S. (2009) 'Dance and Drama Awards Strategic Review 2009 : Final Report', Dance and Drama Awards Strategic Review 2009 : Final Report, [Report to Government] [view]
  • Lindley, R., Behle, H. and Li, Y. (2009) 'Technical Paper 7: Graduate Destinations for the Performing Arts: Higher Education', Dance and Drama Awards Strategic Review 2009: Final Report, [Report to Government]

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External activities

  • Private pension system design and provision (Dorothee Gnaedinger), Date of Completion: 2018
    Definition of the professional identity of Career Guidance practitioners (John Gough), Date of Completion: 2018
  • Fertility trends of Polish migrants in the UK and the potential socio-economic implications of fertility behaviour for demographic trends, the labour market and public services (Barbara Janta), Date of Completion: 2018
    Nursing labour supply in Great Britain (Rebecca Wilde), Date of Completion: 2018
  • The Utilisation and Contribution of Graduate Returnees in China: A comparative study in state-owned and multi-national financial organizations (Di Zhang), Date of Completion: 2013
  • The work-role transition experience of business professionals: The case of Argentinean MBAs (Pamela Suzanne), Date of Completion: 2012
  • The early career paths of Greek doctoral graduates of science and engineering who have studied in Greece and UK and their integration in the Greek labour market (Charoula Tzanakou), Date of Completion: 2012
  • Employment support for the disabled in Thailand (Wan Arnidawati Wan Abdullah), Date of Completion: 2012

Academic Qualifications

1967 BSc (Physics) University of London

1970 MSc (Operational Research) London School of Economics and Political Science

1977 PhD (Economics) University of Warwick


1981- Director, Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick

1982- Professor, Faculty of Social Studies, University of Warwick

1998-2000 Associate Director, ESRC Business Processes Resource Centre, Warwick Manufacturing Group

2005-07 Pro-Vice-Chancellor for International Affairs and Equality and Diversity

2007-09 Chair, Faculty of Social Studies



Emeritus Professor

Institute for Employment Research
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL

Tel: +44(0)24 76 523503
R dot M dot Lindley at warwick dot ac dot uk