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Dr Katharina Sarter

Research interests

Katharina is interested in social and public policies, regulation, and comparative research. Particular topics of interest include regulation of labour, governance of public services, socially responsible public procurement, and equality. Katharina would be interested in supervising research students in these or related fields.

Academic profile

Katharina is a political scientist with expertise in public policies, regulation, particularly of labour, and comparative research. Katharina’s recent research focusses on social public procurement and the use of public procurement as a tool for the regulation of labour domestically as well as in global supply chains, equality, and governance of public services.  

Katharina holds a Doctorate in Political Science from the Free University Berlin. Katharina worked in different universities Germany, Scotland, and Wales, was a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Hoover Chair for Economic and Social Ethics at the University of Louvain and Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Globalisation and Governance at the University of Hamburg, the Institute for Lifecourse and Society at the National University of Ireland Galway and the Public Procurement Research Group at the University of Nottingham.

Current projects

"Buying social justice" through procurement: An examination of the use of public procurement for advancing employment equality in UK construction, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Project Duration: 2021-2023.

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Selected publications

Cookingham Bailey, E., Sarter, E.K., Terry, V. (2022). The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Advocacy Work of Voluntary. Sector Organisations in Wales. Bristol: Policy Press, in: Rees, J., Macmillan, R., Dayson, C., Damm, C. and Bynner, C. (eds.): COVID-19 and the Voluntary Sector in the UK. Responses, Impacts and Adaptation. Bristol: Policy Press, pp. 118-129.

Sarter, E.K. and Cookingham Bailey, E. (Eds.) (forthcoming): Understanding Public Services. Bristol: Policy Press.

Sack, D. and Sarter, E.K. (2022): "To comply or to be committed? Public procurement and labour rights in global supply chains." Global Social Policy, online first:

Duvvury, N., Radl, J., Sarter, E.K., Scherger, S. and Spijker, J. (2020): “Policy Toolkits on Employment and Ageing: A Conceptual Framework.” In: Ní Léime, A., Ogg, J., Rasticova, M. Street, D., Krekula, C., Bédiová, M. and Madero-Cabib, I. (eds.): Extended Working Life Policies: International Gender and Health Perspectives. Cham: Springer, 69-83.

Sarter, E.K. (2020): “The Development and Implementation of Gender Equality Considerations in Public Procurement in Germany.” Feminist Economics. 26(3): 66-89.

Sarter, E.K. and Thomson, E. (2020): “Fulfilling its Promise? Strategic Public Procurement and the Impact of Equality Considerations on Employers’ Behaviour in Scotland.” Public Money & Management, 40(6): 437-445.

Sarter, E.K. and Karamanidou, L. (2019): “Quality, Qualifications, and the Market: Procuring Interpretation Services in the Context of the ‘Refugee Crisis’.” Social Policy & Administration, 53(3): 493- 507.

Sack, D. and E.K. Sarter (2018): “Collective bargaining, minimum wages, and public procurement in Germany: Regulatory adjustments to the neo-liberal drift of a coordinated market economy.” Journal of Industrial Relations, 60(5): 669–690.

Sack, D. und Sarter, E.K. (2018): „Policy-Varianz durch Europäisierung? Zur Wettbewerbs- und Vergabepolitik der deutschen Länder.” Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft, 12(4): 725–742.

Sarter, E.K. (2015): “Contracting out of Services, European Public Procurement Law and Gender Equality in Tendering.” WAGADU. Journal of Transnational Women’s and Gender Studies, Special Issue: Women, Gender and Government Outsourcing in Comparative Perspectives 14: 3, 55-83.

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Katharina has gained teaching experiences at different universities in Germany and Great Britain. The focus of Katharina's teaching lies in the areas of public and social policies, comparative research, employment policies, and research methods.

External activities

  • Member of the Board, RN 32 Political Sociology, European Sociological Association.
  • Associate Fellow, Wise Centre for Economic Justice, Glasgow Caledonian University.

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Dr Katharina Sarter

Research Fellow

Institute for Employment Research
University of Warwick
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Katharina dot Sarter at warwick dot ac dot uk