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Terence Hogarth - Conference presentations


Hogarth, T., 'The Role of Vocational Education and Training in Promoting Local Economic Development' at Conference on 'New Needs New Activities and New Jobs Challenges and Prospects' , El Escorial, Madrid, Spain [Oral Presentation]


Hogarth, T. and R.M. Lindley, 'Employers Approaches to Vocational Education and Training: Reflections on Provision and Regulation in France Spain and the UK' at ESRC/A7 COST Action Conference on 'The Evolution of Rules for a Single European Market' , University of Exeter, UK [Oral Presentation]


Hogarth, T., 'Workers Support for Technical Change' at Zentrum for Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung , Mannheim, Germany [Oral Presentation]


Barth, M.C., T. Hogarth and W. McNaught, 'Employing Older Workers in the USA and UK: An Economic Appraisal of Three Organisations Older Workers Human Resource Strategies' at Geneva Association Conference on Strategic Issues in Planning for Insurance , London, UK [Oral Presentation]