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IER publications 2004

Refereed journals

  • Arbache, J.S., Dickerson, A. and Green, F. (2004). Assessing the Stability of the Inter-industry Wage Structure in the Face of Radical Economic Reforms. Economics Letters, 83(2), pp. 149-155.
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  • Green, A.E. and Shuttleworth, I. (2004). Area perceptions of young people in Belfast - How to expand them!. Labour Market Bulletin 18 pp.141-7.
  • Green, A.E. (2004). Is relocation redundant? Observations on the changing nature and impacts of employment-related geographical mobility. Regional Studies 38(6), pp. 629-641.
  • Orton, M. and Ratcliffe, P. (2004). Race, Employment and Contract Compliance: A Way Forward For Local Authorities? Local Economy, 19(2), pp. 150-158.
  • Orton, M. (2004). Irresponsible citizens? New Labour, citizenship and the case of non-payment of local taxation. Critical Social Policy, 24(4) pp. 504-525.


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  • Lindley, R.M. (2004). L'économie de la connaissance: le nouveau contexte du débat sur l'emploi en Europe. In: Rodrigues. M.J., ed. Vers une Société Européenne de la Connaissance: la Stratégie de Lisbonne (2000-2010). Brussels: Institue d'Etudes Européenes, Univesité de Bruxelles, pp. 95-141. ISBN 2 8004 1343 3
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  • Reid, H. and Bimrose, J., eds. (2004). Constructing the Future: Reflections on Practice. Stourbridge: Institute of Career Guidance. ISBN 0 9030 76268


Working papers

  • Brown, A. (2004). United Kingdom. In: Brown, A., ed. Participa project consortium Participation in Continuing Vocational and Training (VET): a need for a sustainable employability. A state of the art report for six European countries. Bremen: University of Bremen. (ITB Working Paper 38).

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