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IER Publications 2005

Refereed journals

  • Barnes, S-A., Green, A., Orton, M. and Bimrose, J. (2005). Redressing gender inequality in employment: the national and sub-regional policy 'fit'. Local Economy, 20(2), pp. 162-175.
  • Behle, H. (2005). Moderators and mediators on the mental health of young participants in active labour market programmes: Evidence from East and West Germany. International Review of Psychiatry, 17(5), pp. 337-345.
  • Brown, A., Bimrose, J. and Hughes, D. (2005). Bringing Guidance Research and Practice Closer Together: The UK National Guidance Research Forum Website. International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance, 5(2), pp. 229-240.
  • Davies, R. and Pierre, G. (2005). The family gap in pay in Europe: a cross-country study. Labour Economics, 12(4), pp. 469-486.
  • Green, A.E., Shuttleworth, I. and Lavery S. (2005). Young people, job search and labour markets: the example of Belfast. Urban Studies 42(2), pp. 301-324.
  • Hogarth, T. and Devins, D. (2005). Employing the Unemployed: some case study evidence on the role and practice of employers. Urban Studies 42(2), pp. 245-256
  • Keep, E. and Brown, A. (2005). Moving beyond discussions about paradigm shifts – creating space for multiple meanings and narratives on changing patterns of employment and careers. Career Research and Development, 13, pp.11-19.
  • McQuaid, R., Green, A.E. and Danson, M. (2005). Introducing employability. Urban Studies, 42(2), pp. 191-195.
  • Orton, M. and Ratcliffe, P. (2005). New Labour ambiguity or neo-liberal consistency? Racial inequality in employment and the debate about contract compliance. Journal of Social Policy 34(2), pp. 255-272.
  • Orton, M. (2005). Inequality and the reform of a regressive local tax: the debate in the UK. Social Policy and Society, 4(3), pp. 1-8.


  • Gibbons, S., Green, A., Gregg, P. and Machin, S. (2005). Is Britain Pulling Apart? Area Disparities in Employment, Education and Crime. In: Pearce, N. and Paxton, W., eds. Social Justice: Building a Fairer Britain. London: IPPR, Politicos, pp. 301-332. ISBN 1 84275 133 6
  • Green, A.E. (2005). Employment restructuring in rural areas. In: Schmied, D., ed. Winning and Losing: The Changing Geography of Europe’s Rural Areas. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 21-33. ISBN 0 75546 4101 5


Other publications

  • Barnes, S-A. and Bimrose, J. (2005). Mining the Data Field. Careers Guidance Today 13(1), pp. 22-23.
  • Bimrose, J. and Barnes, S-A. (2005). ‘Effective career guidance? Evidence from longitudinal case studies. Phoenix – The AGCAS Journal, 11(Winter), pp. 46-51.
  • Marris, A. and Bimrose, J. (2005). Let's talk! Supporting practice through the National Guidance Research Forum website. Newscheck, May.
  • Napier, R.M., Rowley, J. and Jones, P. (2005). Reducing the Labour Burden on Horticulture. Grower, May.
  • White, R.J. and Williams, C.C. (2005). Informal Volunteering and Older People. AGEToday: Research information and comment on older people's issues, Election Special, Volume 5.

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