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Local and regional development

National level trends disguise variations in employment and skills profiles and labour market experience at regional and local levels. IER has a strong track record of examining spatial dimensions of economic, social and demographic change, and the geography of employment and non-employment. The IER's work in this field involves analyses of large spatially referenced data sets and also mixed methods and case study research - in both urban and rural areas. IER has been engaged with a range of agencies and organisations at regional and local levels. Its work has also involved evaluation of place-based policies. Another theme of research relates to local skills strategies.

Selected publications

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Further publications can be accessed from the IER publication pages.

Selected recent projects

  • Regional Expert Network, Department for Business Innovation and Skills (2012 - 2014) More Details
  • Secondary Analysis of Employer Surveys, Lot 1 rural/urban differences in access and barriers to jobs and training, UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) (2012 - 2013)
  • The Geography of the Labour Market: a Focus on Young People, Skills Development Scotland (2012)
  • Final Review and Evaluation of the Mon Menai Economic Inactivity Project, Isle of Anglesey County Council (2012)
  • Postcode Discrimination in Employment, London School of Economics (2012 - 2012)
  • UKTRC - Social Impacts and Social Equity Issues in Transportation, University of Oxford (2010 - 2012) More Details
  • Buckinghamshire Skills Study, Buckinghamshire Business First (2011) More Details
  • Rebalancing the Economy Spatially and Sectorally: An Evidence Review, SQW Ltd. (2010 -2011) More Details
  • Job Search Study, Department for Work & Pensions (2009 - 2011) More Details

  • The LEED Study On Leverage Training Skills In SMEs, with a Particular Focus On The West Midlands Region, Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development (2009 - 2011) More Details
  • Long-term Evaluation of LAAs and LSPs, Department for Communities and Local Government (2007 - 010)
  • East Lindsey Skills Audit, East Lindsey District Council (2009 - 2010) More Details
  • In-Work Poverty in the East Midland in 2009, East Midlands Development Agency (2009 - 2010) More Details
  • Impact of Increased Unemployment on ESF Skills Provision, IFF Research (2009 - 2010) More Details
  • Migrant Workers in the East Midlands in 2009, East Midlands Development Agency (2009 - 2010) More Details

Key contacts

Anne Green