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Review of the Teaching of Fair Work in Scottish Business Schools

Scotland is the pioneer of Fair Work in the UK. This project is intended to support the embedding of Fair Work in Scottish business schools’ curricula as a route to translating government policy into workplace practice through the next generation of managers and business leaders.

The project involves a review of pedagogy in Scottish business schools to assess the salience of Fair Work in curricula and, where gaps are present, to support business schools to fill those gaps as required.

The project is co-led by Professor Chris Warhurst of the University of Warwick and Professor Melanie Simms of the University of Glasgow. It is funded through the University of Warwick’s Strategic Priorities Fund. It has the support of the Scottish network of Deans of Business Schools and the Scottish Funding Council and Scottish Government are key stakeholders in the delivery of the project.

Project Team:

Chris Warhurst

Mel Simms (Glasgow University)

Project Duration:

01 January 2020 - 31 March 2020


University of Warwick Strategic Priorities Fund