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Green jobs in the midlands with a special focus on hydrogen related economic activity

The Midlands Engine/Hydex commissioned Warwick IER to undertake an analysis of green jobs generally in the Midlands that also includes a deep dive into hydrogen-related economic activity where it can be identified.

The research will comprise two parts. First, an analysis of the current extent of green jobs in the Midlands, with a deep dive into jobs relevant to hydrogen-related economic activity. Second a forecast of the future development of these jobs. We will use two data sources:

1) the ONS Labour Force Survey (LFS) to identify the current extent of green jobs and

2) IER’s job vacancy data information collected from February 2019 to the present to identify trend demand for these jobs. This research will enable the IER team to provide three types of information:

    • An evaluation of the current extent of green jobs in the Midlands including those related to hydrogen.
    • An assessment of the future demand for these jobs, including hydrogen, in the Midlands.
    • Identification of the range of formal and informal skills needed in these jobs, including hydrogen.




    Project Team:

    Jeisson Cardenas-Rubio (Principal Investigator)

    Chris Warhurst

    Peter Dickinson

    Jamelia Harris

    Project duration:

    April - August 2023