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HE bridges 5.0

Bridging risks to an inclusive digital and green future by enhancing workforce skills for industry 5.0

This 4-year Horizon Europe-funded project examines the skills needed to deliver a digital and green future in Europe. ‘Bridges’ has four objectives, to:

1) quantitatively map how jobs are transforming and what new green and digital jobs are emerging, and qualitatively understand Industry 5.0 requirements (human- and socio-centric, sustainable and resilient for these jobs and company practices);

2) map Industry 5.0 skills and skill gaps in emerging green and digital jobs at the EU-level and five EU countries; and enable monitoring of skill gaps using skill taxonomies/standards;

3) set up learning trajectories and training pathways, and experiment with these interventions to reduce skill gaps for four target groups: managers, employees, jobseekers and students;

4) engage a range of industry and related stakeholders at regional, national and EU levels and co-produce a web platform called Industry 5.0 Platform. The outcomes will help ensure the right supply of skilled workers to support companies to deal with the digital and green transitions to a more sustainable, resilient and fairer future for Europe. The project runs from 2023-26. The project consortium, led by TNO in the Netherlands, includes 21 universities and other organisations.

The UK team is led by IER and includes Warwick Manufacturing Group.

Contact Prof. Chris Warhurst,

Project Team:

Chris Warhurst (Principal Investigator)

Jeisson Cardenas-Rubio

Peter Dickinson

Project Duration:

June 2022 - May 2026