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Quality of Jobs and Innovation Generated Employment Outcomes

Quality of Jobs and Innovation Generated Employment Outcomes (QuInnE) is a multidisciplinary, pan-European research project that examines the relationship between innovation and job quality, and that relationship’s potential impact on employment outcomes i.e. labour market social inclusion and social equality in the workplace. It is funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme and includes seven countries (Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Hungary and the Netherlands and UK). It is led by Lund University in Sweden. The UK team, led by Chris Warhurst, consists of Sally Wright, Anne Green, Duncan Gallie, Daria Luchinskaya, Sudipa Sarkar and Wil Hunt. It has three main research strands – policy analysis plus qualitative and quantitative research. The quantitative research ranges across country and firm-level statistical analyses. The qualitative research focuses on organisational case studies across eight industries (computer games, health and social care, retail, aerospace, automotive, banking and agrifood industries. The project is scientifically innovative in three ways: first its use of a mixed methodology to examine the relationships between innovation, job quality and employment; second, whilst all three have been studied extensively in themselves, this project is the first to analytically integrate all three and explore the relationships between them: third, it moves beyond correlations, adding causation and the mechanisms of why and how innovation and job quality might be synergistic and mutually boost employment outcomes. This new scientific knowledge is used to develop policy recommendations to the EU and to develop diagnostic tools for policy and practitioners to help boost innovation, job quality and the particular employment outcomes in the EU.

QuInnE Dissemination Event in Brussels, 26 September 2018

Please register before 19 September, by email to:

For admission to the building, please include your name, institutional affiliation, date of birth, nationality, ID card number, and ID validity date when you register.

QUINNE DISSEMINATION EVENT, Brussels: 26 September 2018

Project Team:

Chris Warhurst (Principal Investigator)
Sally Wright

Daria Luchinskaya

Wil Hunt

Sudipa Sarkar

 Anne Green

Duncan Gallie (University of Oxford)

Project Duration:

July 2015 - June 2018

Project Funder:

European Commission