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Skills in England

The Skills in England forecasting and projections work started in 2002 and has been funded by the National Learning and Skills Council. The reports draw upon the latest research and analysis to develop an understanding of the current supply of skills and the demand for skills now and in the future. Each detail developments over the past twelve months, and also looks in depth at the challenges ahead.

Following a joint proposal by IER and Cambridge Econometrics (CE), Skills in England 2003 was awarded by the National Office of the Learning and Skills Council via the Skills Research Call-Off Contract already established with IER. The project builds upon earlier IER/CE work undertaken for the LSC - Skills in England 2002. A new series of multi-volume reports were provided to the LSC and its local offices, presenting the core information required in what will again be a standard reference document for the sponsor. Skills in England 2004 and 2005 extended the work to provide regional and local analyses.

Skills in England outputs

The most recent version of Skills in England 2007 are available.

IER project team:

Terence Hogarth

Rob Wilson

Andy Dickerson

Peter Elias

Anne Green

Chris Hasluck

Collaborating with:

Cambridge Econometrics

Sponsor: Learning and Skills Council