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The impact of the Youth Obligation on disadvantaged young people

The Youth Obligation was introduced in mid-2017 for all young job seekers in Universal Credit areas. The programme is designed as an early intervention to provide additional support for young job seekers.

Using three waves of an online survey and qualitative interviews, the project tracks cohorts of disadvantaged young job seekers in London and Manchester as they take part in the one year programme.

The key questions for the project are:

1) Is the Youth Obligation effectively supporting disadvantaged young people in London to access employment, education or training?

2) Are young people receiving more effective support in Youth Obligation areas than in areas where this programme has not yet rolled out?

3) Are you people more or less likely to be sanctioned in Youth Obligation areas?

4) How far is the Youth Obligation programme taking into account the additional needs of disadvantaged young people, and how does this compare to non-Youth Obligation areas?

Project Duration:

June 2017 - November 2018

Project Team:

Gaby Atfield - Principal Investigator

Anne Green