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Major Group 7: Craft and Related Trades Workers

71  Extraction and building trades workers
    711 Miners, shotfirers, stone cutters and carvers
        7111    Miners and quarry workers
        7112    Shotfirers and blasters
        7113    Stone splitters, cutters and carvers

    712 Building frame and related trades workers
        7121    Builders
        7122    Bricklayers and stonemasons
        7123    Concrete placers, concrete finishers and related workers
        7124    Carpenters and joiners
        7129    Building frame and related trades workers not elsewhere classified

    713 Building finishers and related trades workers
        7131    Roofers
        7132    Floor layers and tile setters
        7133    Plasterers
        7134    Insulation workers
        7135    Glaziers
        7136    Plumbers and pipe fitters
        7137    Building and related electricians
        7139    Building finishers and related trade workers not 
                  elsewhere classified

    714 Painters, building structure cleaners and related trades workers
        7141    Painters and related workers2
        7143    Building structure cleaners

Definitional notes:

Craft and related trades workers apply their specific knowledge and skills to produce or process goods. The tasks call for an understanding of all stages of the production process, the materials and tools used and the nature and purpose of the final product. Most occupations in this group require skills at the second ISCO level (ILO, 1990; p.173).

1. In the absence of sufficient information to ascertain the relevant trade, classification should be made to a unit group 7000 (Craft and related trades workers, nothing otherwise specified) or to a unit group 7100, 7200, 7300 or 7400 if a broad trade specialisation is given.

2. Unit group 7142 (Varnishers and related painters) is not separately identified from unit group 7141 (Painters and related workers).

72  Metal, machinery and related trades workers
    721 Metal moulders, welders, sheet-metal workers, structural-metal preparers,
                and related trades workers
        7211    Metal moulders and coremakers
        7212    Welders and flame cutters
        7213    Sheet-metal workers
        7214    Structural-metal preparers and erectors
        7215    Riggers and cable splicers
        7216    Underwater workers

    722 Blacksmiths, tool-makers and related trades workers
        7221    Blacksmiths, hammer-smiths and forging-press workers
        7222    Tool-makers and related workers
        7223    Machine-tool setters and setter-operators
        7224    Metal wheel-grinders, polishers and tool sharpeners

    723 Machinery mechanics and fitters
        7231    Motor vehicle mechanics and fitters
        7232    Aircraft engine mechanics and fitters
        7233    Agricultural- or industrial-machinery mechanics and fitters

    724 Electrical and electronic equipment mechanics and fitters
        7241    Electrical mechanics fitters and services
        7242    Electronics mechanics, fitters and servicers1
        7244    Telegraph and telephone installers and servicers
        7245    Electrical line installers, repairers and cable jointers 

Definitional notes:

See definitional notes for major group 7.

1. Note that unit group 7242 (electronics mechanics fitters and servicers) does not identify electronics fitters separately from electronics mechanics, fitters and servicers.

73  Precision, handicraft, craft printing and related trades workers
    731 Precision workers in metal and related materials
        7311    Precision-instrument makers and repairers
        7312    Musical-instrument makers and tuners
        7313    Jewellery and precious-metal workers

    732 Potters, glass-makers and related trades workers
        7321    Abrasive wheel formers, potters and related workers
        7322    Glass-makers, cutters, grinders and finishers
        7323    Glass engravers and etchers
        7324    Glass, ceramics and related decorative painters

    733 Handicraft workers in wood, textile, leather and related materials
        7331    Handicraft workers in wood and related materials
        7332    Handicraft workers in textile, leather and related materials

    734 Craft printing and related trades workers
        7341    Compositors, typesetters and related workers
        7342    Stereotypers and electrotypers
        7343    Printing engravers and etchers
        7344    Photographic and related workers
        7345    Bookbinders and related workers
        7346    Silk-screen, block and craft textile printers

Definitional notes:

See definitional notes for major group 7.

74  Other craft and related trades workers
    741 Food processing and related trades workers
        7411    Butchers, fishmongers and related food preparers1
        7412    Bakers, pastry-cooks and confectionery makers1
        7413    Dairy-products workers
        7414    Fruit, vegetable and related preservers
        7415    Food and beverage tasters and graders
        7416    Tobacco preparers and tobacco products makers

    742 Wood treaters, cabinet-makers and related trades workers
        7421    Wood treaters
        7422    Cabinetmakers and related workers
        7423    Woodworking machine setters and setter-operators
        7424    Basketry weavers, brush makers and related workers

    743 Textile, garment and related trades workers
        7431    Fibre preparers
        7432    Weavers, knitters and related workers
        7433    Tailors, dressmakers and hatters
        7434    Furriers and related workers
        7435    Textile, leather and related pattern-makers and cutters
        7436    Sewers, embroiderers and related workers
        7437    Upholsterers and related workers

    744 Pelt, leather and shoemaking trades workers
        7441    Pelt dressers, tanners and fellmongers
        7442    Shoe-makers and related workers

Definitional notes:

See definitional notes for major group 7.

1. Occupations classified to these unit groups may involve some managerial responsibilities, especially where a person works on their own account, with or without employees or family assistance. If, however, the main activity is described in terms of the relevant skilled trade, classification is to these categories.

No changes are proposed for the above unit groups.


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