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Educational psychology services workforce insights

The overall aim of this mixed-method, multi-informant research is to gain a better understanding of the system, practice, and impact of Educational Psychology (EPs) services in England. This research will seek to understand:

  • What service Educational Psychologists deliver within the wider support landscape and beyond their statutory work on Education, Health and Care Plans. In particular, we are interested in the current role that EPs play in early intervention and support and what that role could look like in the future.
  • Demand for Educational Psychology services in education settings; whether the service delivered meets the needs of schools; whether the service is perceived as effective; and the impact it has on children and young people.
  • Drivers of and barriers to Educational Psychologist’s training and staying in the workforce, and the ability to meet demand for Educational Psychologists sustainably.

The research involves:

  • Online surveys with Educational Psychologists (EPs) and Principal Educational Psychologists (PEPs).
  • Workshops with representatives of specialist support services and other stakeholders to produce a systems
    map and a Theory of Change.
  • Observations, in-depth interviews and focus groups with EPs to understand the current delivery of EP services
    and workforce drivers and barriers.
  • Case studies with schools to explore needs and perceived impact of EP services.
  • Modelling of two, interrelated elements. The first model will predict the likely size of the future EP workforce under
    different intervention scenarios. Building on this, the second model will set the predicted workforce size
    against modelling of the future demand for EPs to understand how demand for EPs can be met sustainably.

Project Team:

Gaby Atfield (Principal Investigator)

David Owen

Beate Baldauf

Project Duration:

February - March 2023

Project Funder: