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ReWAGE sub-groups

ReWAGE sub-groups

ReWAGE has a number of sub-groups that are convened by members of its Expert Group. The focus of each sub-group and its membership is listed below.

Sub-group name





Skills and Careers

ReWAGE Experts - Irena Grugulis (convener); Terence Hogarth, Ewart Keep

External - Sally-Anne Barnes; Daniel Sandford-Smith (Gatsby Foundation )

Upskilling and reskilling adult workers

How to address skills shortages at the intermediate skills level

Evidence on adult career guidance and its role in skills development

Gatsby Foundation Active
Pay and Income

ReWAGE Experts - Irena Grugulis (convener); Ed Heery; Ian Kessler; Jo McBride; Jill Rubery; Ashwin Kumar; Paul Edwards; Damian Grimshaw; Mike Brewer

External - Louise Woodruff (JRF); Jill Irvine (Carnegie UK); Joe Richardson (Living Wage Foundation); Judith Hackitt (Make UK); Daniel Edmiston

Beyond the national living wage: Further proposals for addressing low pay

Eight actions to tackle the impact of the Cost of Living Crisis

What next for a fair minimum wage?

N/A Active
Good Jobs

ReWAGE Experts - Chris Warhurst (convener); Alan Manning; Kevin Daniels; Patricia Findlay; Alan Felstead; Duncan Gallie; Lisa Wilson; Katie Bailey; Mike Brewer; Chris Forde; Jo McBride; Peter Dickinson; Ed Heery; Peter Elias

External - Richard Saundry

Redesigning jobs to optimise productivity and human- centredness

The business case for good jobs

Job quality and productivity in the small firm

The cost of conflict at work and its impact on productivity


Labour Relations Agency


Investigating methods to derive information on job quality from large scale national data sources 

External - Chair: Matthew Taylor (NHS Confederation); David Freeman (ONS); Jonny Gifford (CIPD); Mark McAllister (Labour Relations Agency); Patrick Watt (Skills Development Scotland); Gill Dix (ACAS); Hannah Slaughter (Resolution Foundation); Mike Brewer (Resolution Foundation); Douglas White (Carnegie UK Trust)

Investigating methods to derive information on job quality from large scale national data sources (Evidence Paper and Summary) University of Warwick Policy Support Fund Active

Evaluation of good/fair work charters (with the English MCAs)

External - Gill Dix (fomerly ACAS), Peter Cheese (CIPD); Judith Hackitt (Make UK); Joe Richardson (Living Wage Foundation); Georgina Bowyer (Carnegie UK); Louise Woodruff (JRF); Sally Wright

Review of employment charters in the English Mayoral Combined Authorities (Evidence paper / Policy Brief)

University of Warwick Policy Support Fund Active
Labour Supply / Migration

ReWAGE Experts - Jonathan Portes (convener); Chris Forde; Alan Manning; Bridget Anderson; Catherine Barnard; Tony Wilson; Ewart Keep

External - Dr Gabriella Alberti

Evidence paper: The end of free movement and the low wage labour force in the UK / Summary paper NHS Confederation Active
Work and Health

ReWAGE Experts - Kevin Daniels (convener); Kim Hoque; Kevin Daniels; Irena Grugulis; Wendy Loretto

External - Brendan Burchall; Tarani Chandola; Niamh Bridson Hubbard;

Recovering Better - Improving mental health in the workplace 

Work, jobs and common mental health problems - what advice should employers receive?

The UK’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (furlough) and its impact on workers’ mental health

Creating a future of healthy jobs



Work, Wages and Employment in the Hospitality Industry

ReWAGE Experts - Tom Baum (convener)

External - Dr Gabriella Alberti; Professor Nick Clifton; Dr Emma Congreve; John Guthrie; Dr Gareth Hetherington; Professor Adele Ladkin; Professor Dennis Nickson; Bryan Simpson

Evidence paper

Policy Brief

abrdn Financial Fairness Trust Active
Work, Wages and Employment in the Social Care Industry

ReWAGE Experts - Irena Grugulis (convener); Malcolm Brown; Chris Forde; Ed Heery; Damian Grimshaw; Tracy Shildrick; Wendy Loretto; Ian Kessler; Tony Wilson

External - Beate Baldauf; Ian Cunningham; Daniel Mortimer; Juliana Onwumere; Vicki Wass; Sue Yeandle

Evidence paper

Policy Brief

abrdn Financial Fairness Trust Active
Work, Wages and Employment in the Gig Economy

ReWAGE Experts - Chris Forde (convener); Mark Stuart, Vera Trappmann, Jo McBride, Tony Wilson, Tracy Shildrick, Tom Baum

External - Professor Tony Dundon; Professor Debra Howcroft; Dr Simon Joyce; Dr Sally Wright

Evidence paper

Policy Brief

abrdn Financial Fairness Trust Active

Levelling Up

ReWAGE Experts - Kevin Daniels (convener); Tony Wilson; Ashwin Kumar; Monder Ram; Eleanor Shaw; Lisa Wilson; Kim Hoque; Jill Rubery; Terence Hogarth; Jo McBride; Tracy Shildrick; Chris Warhurst

External - Peter Dickinson; Anthony Rafferty

Putting Employment on the Levelling Up Agenda / Policy Brief N/A Report published.

Flexible Working

ReWAGE Experts - Jill Rubery (convener); Chris Warhurst; Jo McBride; Alan Felstead; Ashwin Kumar; Vera Trappmann; Kevin Daniels; Mike Brewer; Irena Grugulis

External - Peter Cheese (CIPD); Emily Erickson 

Response to government flexible working consultation

Flexibility and the future of work



Report published.