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'Look at the menu small print' - expert comments on calorie content of meals in restaurants

Research from the British Medical Journal into calorie content of meals in UK restaurants has shown that sit-down restaurants often serve unhealthier meals than fast food outlets. GP Dr James Gill from Warwick Medical School recommends checking the menu small print when eating out.

Thu 13 Dec 2018, 11:09 | Tags: Food, Warwick Medical School

Why new salt study is flawed

A University of Warwick academic and WHO adviser says that a study which suggests salt may not be as damaging to health as is usually claimed is flawed.

Professor Elizabeth Dowler on the banning of online junk food adverts

Professor Elizabeth Dowler, expert in food and nutrition, discusses the new rules targeting junk food adverts for children which have resulted in the banning of the first online adverts.

Wed 04 Jul 2018, 10:21 | Tags: Children, Health, obesity, wellbeing, Sociology, Food

Banning plastic straws - a step in the right direction?

"The cost of the whole supply chain needs to be considered." Dr Philippe Blanchard from the Department of Politics and International Studies comments on the news that McDonalds will replace plastic straws with paper in all its UK and Ireland restaurants from September.

No evidence to support downside to adding folic acid to bread, says GP

On new research suggesting that bread should be fortified with folic acid, Dr James Gill, of the Warwick Medical School, provides his analysis.

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