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Communicating our Research

Communicating our research informs and inspires the world beyond academia

We are committed to translating our world-leading research to wider society, connecting our research to the issues that really matter to people and to help solve pressing global problems. We engage with a variety of audiences to effectively convey the relevance and impact of our work.

We showcase our research through multi-media channels to highlight interesting and newsworthy articles, and have created a vibrant, compelling and engaging web presence.

Our researchers are encouraged to share their insights and the outcomes and impact of their work, and to act as agents of change in their fields of expertise.

We provide them with the knowledge to use social media effectively to disseminate the results of their research and to reach audiences through new channels. This also includes targeting potential collaborators, as well as prospective post-graduates.

Our research themes reflect our world-class areas of research excellence. They showcase our world-leading and purposeful disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and signpost our future.