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Understanding the Role and Function of Organisations and Markets

  • A cross-cutting theme combining world-leading expertise from different academic disciplines, including Warwick Business School, the Institute for Employment Research, the Department of Economics, PAIS, the School of Law and the Department of Sociology
  • It focuses on how individuals, groups and collective actors construct, manage, resist and change organisational and market structures, including the associated processes and practices, and how they shape and influence society
  • It includes work focused on the political and social challenges involved in the regulation of markets and organisations operating locally, nationally and globally, as well as research focused on the concept of the market itself – its historical and philosophical origins - and its role in how we think about and study contemporary social, economic and political phenomena
  • Research addresses real-world issues and is supported by world-leading Research Centres of excellence. Areas include SME growth, work and employment, gender inequality, entrepreneurship and economic outcomes in both developed and developing countries
  • It combines key academic and user engagement from across sectors to address research challenges at local, national and international levels.