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RIS News

New Deputy PVC for Research announced

As the University places increasing emphasis on its interdisciplinary and cross-faculty research to respond to local, national and global challenges, a new Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research has been appointed.

Mon 07 January 2019, 12:52 | Tags: research

New Director to lead Institute for Global Sustainable Development

Addressing the challenges of global sustainable development through research is a critical priority for the University. January will see the appointment of a new Director of the Institute for Global Sustainable Development (IGSD).

Thu 06 December 2018, 14:53 | Tags: research

Life Sciences Professor awarded grant to help fight against superbugs

Professor Christopher Dowson from the School of Life Sciences has been awarded a Medical Research Council (MRC) grant of £3million to run a three year China-UK AMR Partnership Hub alongside the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Fri 30 November 2018, 10:07 | Tags: research

School of Engineering research group wins prestigious award at TechWorks Awards ceremony

The Power Electronics Applications and Technology in Energy Research group (PEATER), led by Professor Phil Mawby from the School of Engineering, has won the University Research Group of the Year at the 2018 TechWorks Awards.

Thu 29 November 2018, 11:06 | Tags: research

Nominations open for Papin Prizes to recognise technical excellence in higher education and research

Applications are now open for the 2019 Papin Prizes - an awards programme which recognises and celebrates the skills, talent and experience of technicians in higher education and research across the UK and Ireland.

Thu 29 November 2018, 10:52

Celebrating our Highly Cited Researchers

We are delighted to announce that three of our academics have been named on the 2018 Highly Cited Researcher list. Highly Cited Researchers are those whose publications are most often cited in academic journals.

Tue 27 November 2018, 09:58 | Tags: research

What's At Stake In The Fake: New research project launches

A new five-year research project, What’s at stake in the fake? Indian pharmaceuticals, African markets and global health has been launched to examine the belief that fake drugs threaten global health, as well as understand the emergence and circulation of worries about counterfeit medicines across the world.

Thu 15 November 2018, 10:02 | Tags: research

Dr Anne-Marie Slowther announced as new chair of the University’s Sponsorship Committee

Professor Stephen Jarvis, Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Chair of the Research Governance & Ethics Committee, has welcomed Dr Anne-Marie Slowther from Warwick Medical School as the new Chair of the University’s Sponsorship Committee.

Thu 01 November 2018, 14:34

Rosetrees Trust opens fund for collaborative research

A fund to stimulate collaborative research between Medicine and Mathematics or Computing and/or Artificial Intelligence has been launched by the Rosetrees Trust.

Thu 01 November 2018, 13:58

Warwick GCRF Funding Call (2018/2019)

A Global Challenges Research Fund is now available to support research that directly benefits developing countries. The internal GCRF funding is available to support both early stage and established ODA research partnerships.

Mon 22 October 2018, 10:43

Warwick Medical School professor secures prestigious prize

Professor Mark Achtman has been announced as the winner of the highly-esteemed Pettenkofer Prize 2018 for his lifetime work on evolution of bacterial pathogens and their association with humans.

Mon 22 October 2018, 10:39 | Tags: research

Alan Turing Institute welcomes Fellows from the University of Warwick

The Alan Turing Institute has welcomed 19 new and ten returning Fellows from the University of Warwick.

Thu 11 October 2018, 12:41 | Tags: research

New Warwick Industry Fellowships Scheme

Warwick Industry Fellowships Scheme announced

Wed 10 October 2018, 14:21

Congratulations to Pat Unwin who is to be awarded the Charles N. Reilley Award by SEAC


Pat Unwin has been selected by the Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry to receive the 2018 Charles N. Reilley Award. The Award recognizes outstanding research contributions in electroanalytical chemistry and will be presented at a special symposium at Pittcon in Orlando in February next year.

Pat will be the 35th winner of the Award and the first person from the UK to receive it. The Award is given in memory of the renowned US analytical chemist Charles N. Reilley and celebrates scientists whose work advances fundamental understanding in electroanalytical science over empiricism.

Pat's group has made spectacular advances in instrumental electrochemistry in the past few years, developing innovative electrochemical imaging probes to visualise interfacial dynamic processes of wide applicability, from electrocatalysts to living cells.

Mon 04 June 2018, 11:20 | Tags: research

Professor R.John Ellis to be presented with 2019 Centenary Award

Prof R.John EllisProfessor R.John Ellis, an Emeritus in the School of Life Sciences, has been honoured in the Biochemical Society's annual Awards. The awards recognise scientists for the excellence of their work and the impact it has had within the bioscience community and wider society.

Professor Ellis will be presented with the 2019 Centenary Award for his pioneering research on molecular chaperones and their role in protein folding.

Biochemical Society 2019 Award Winners

Mon 04 June 2018, 11:12 | Tags: research

£300,000 of funding available for impact from bioscience research

Thanks to £300,000 of funding from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) we are launching a number of internal funding opportunities.

Thu 15 March 2018, 16:16 | Tags: research

Shaping the ‘third wave’ of Industrial Strategy Challenge areas

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) is a new fund for Research and Development that was announced as part of the Government’s Industrial Strategy. It will likely amount to £4.7bn of funding during the period 2017-2018 to 2020-21, and will be managed by UKRI from April 2018.

Tue 06 March 2018, 09:20 | Tags: research

Dr Nikos Zygouras awarded EPSRC Early Career Fellowship

Many congratulations to Dr Nikos Zygouras, Associate Professor (Reader) in the Department of Statistics for obtaining a prestigious EPSRC Early Career Fellowship.

Mon 19 February 2018, 11:32 | Tags: research

Work complete on new WMG battery testing laboratory

We’ve finished our work to install an advanced new battery testing facility next to WMG’s Energy Innovation Centre (EIC).

Mon 12 February 2018, 15:38 | Tags: research

Dr Matthew Jenner awarded BBSRC Future Leader Fellowship

Congratulations to Dr Matthew Jenner, Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow in the Department of Chemistry, who has been awarded a BBSRC Future Leader Fellowship.

Fri 09 February 2018, 14:25 | Tags: research

Press Releases

Dame Fiona Kendrick DBE highlights universities’ role in employability as she received University of Warwick honorary degree

Universities that work closely with business and industry are best placed to equip their students with the skills for the world of work, according to Dame Fiona Kendrick DBE – “and I see the University of Warwick as being really at the fore of being externally focussed.”

Fri 18 January 2019, 09:57 | Tags: Food, Honorary Graduates, graduates, Business

Award-winning journalist Ritula Shah receives Honorary Doctorate

Award-winning journalist Ritula Shah, presenter of the World Tonight on BBC Radio 4, has recieved an Honorary Doctorate from her alma mater, the University of Warwick, during the Winter 2019 Graduation Ceremonies.

Thu 17 January 2019, 15:03 | Tags: Honorary Graduates

Schizophrenia can be caused by structural abnormality in adolescent brain associated with genetic risk

Schizophrenia could be caused by a genetic mutation that causes a structural abnormality in the brain during adolescence. Therefore testing for the gene SLC39A8, and brain scans for schizophrenia could predict whether or not someone will develop it - researchers at the University of Warwick have found.

Wed 16 January 2019, 16:01 | Tags: Computer Science, Computers, Schizophrenia, Sciences

Brendon Batson OBE receives Honorary Degree from the University of Warwick

Brendon Batson OBE has today, the 16th January 2019, been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters from the University of Warwick for his contribution to Football.

Wed 16 January 2019, 15:36 | Tags: University of Warwick, Honorary Graduates, graduates, Coventry

Double star system flips planet-forming disk into pole position

New research led by an astronomer at the University of Warwick has found the first confirmed example of a double star system that has flipped its surrounding disc to a position that leaps over the orbital plane of those stars.

Mon 14 January 2019, 17:22 | Tags: Physics, Astrophysics, Space

Thousands of stars turning into crystals

The first direct evidence of white dwarf stars solidifying into crystals has been discovered by astronomers at the University of Warwick, and our skies are filled with them.

Wed 09 January 2019, 18:05 | Tags: Physics, Astrophysics, Space

Discovered: different brain areas linked to smoking and drinking

Academics at the University of Warwick have found that low functional connectivity of the lateral orbitofrontal cortex that is associated with the tendency to smoke is associated with increased impulsiveness - which may contribute to the tendency to smoke. The high connectivity of the reward-related medial orbitofrontal cortex in drinkers may increase the tendency to be attracted to the reward of alcohol consumption.

Baby star’s fiery tantrum could create the building blocks of planets

A massive stellar flare on a baby star has been spotted by University of Warwick astronomers, shedding light on the origins of potentially habitable exoplanets.

Fri 21 December 2018, 09:58 | Tags: Physics, Astrophysics, Space, astronomy

Was Shakespeare the father of the Christmas Special?

For many families, sitting down to watch a Christmas Special is as much a part of the holiday season as the Queen’s Speech, a carol service in the parish church, or a trip to the pantomime.But when did the tradition of a holiday-themed premiere start? Professor Paul Raffield of Warwick Law School argues that the Christmas special can be traced back to the creative mind of William Shakespeare, and specifically the premiere of The Comedy of Errors at Gray’s Inn on 28 December 1594.

Fri 21 December 2018, 08:42 | Tags: Christmas, Theatre, Shakespeare, Faculty of Social Science, Law

Starving, sprouts and strolls: how to step into Christmas healthily

You can offset some of the effects of Christmas overindulgence with a few easy steps – quite literally!

Thu 20 December 2018, 08:14 | Tags: Health, Food, Christmas, Warwick Medical School

Warwick students recognised as leaders in social mobility

Four Warwick students have been recognised as champions of social mobility at the inaugural Student Social Mobility Awards, hosted by Baroness Helena Kennedy in the House of Lords on December 13. The Awards were organised by upReach, supported by the Social Mobility Commission, to showcase the achievements of students and 2018 graduates from less advantaged backgrounds.

Warwick Academics advise at WHO Global Health Forum on Medical Devices

Artificial Intelligence (AI), smartphones and 3d printing could be used to design medical devices for Africa and harmonizing African and European regulation on medical devices could benefit both communities – proposes Dr Leandro Pecchia from the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick at the 4th WHO Global Health Forum on Medical Devices.

Wed 19 December 2018, 09:25 | Tags: India, Africa, School of Engineering, WHO, Sciences

Mindfulness training could enhance weight loss programs in national efforts to tackle obesity

Mindfulness training may improve the effectiveness of intensive weight management programs, suggesting that it could be an excellent strategy for healthcare providers in preventing and managing obesity.

Wed 19 December 2018, 08:38 | Tags: Warwick Medical School

Charles Dickens and the Ghost of Lille

Today we associate sharing ghost stories round a fire with Hallowe'en - but for the Victorians, a spine-chilling tale in front of the hearth was an essential Christmas tradition. It's one of which Charles Dickens was a master. But were his tales drawn from imagination...or from real life? Dr Fabio Camilletti from Warwick’s School of Modern Languages and Cultures investigates one possible source of Dickens' terrifying Christmas tales.

Tue 18 December 2018, 15:35 | Tags: Christmas, Modern Languages, Faculty of Arts, English

Reducing energy costs and social isolation ‘essential opportunities’ in supporting older adults in extreme weather

The cost of heating and cooling the home, and increasing social isolation are significant factors in health risk of older adults during extreme weather, according to a new study by the University of Warwick.

Tue 18 December 2018, 10:45 | Tags: Health, elderly, Warwick Medical School

Self-lighting Christmas trees could be the future

Say goodbye to tangled up Christmas lights, as self-lighting Christmas trees could be the future thanks to scientists from the Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre (WISB) at the University of Warwick using VR.

Tue 18 December 2018, 08:12 | Tags: University of Warwick, Christmas, School of Life Sciences, WISB, Sciences

Variation in treatment for vomiting during pregnancy costs the NHS an estimated £60 million

The economic cost to the NHS of vomiting and nausea during pregnancy is over £60 million, higher than previously thought, according to new estimates by the University of Warwick.

Tue 18 December 2018, 07:54 | Tags: Warwick Medical School

The evolution of Maize is more complex than thought

New evidence reveals that the evolution of Maize in South America is more complex than initially thought, and there was a further geographical area in which partial domestication occurred in the Southwest Amazon - according to an international collaboration of researchers including the University of Warwick, and published in the journal Science.

Thu 13 December 2018, 20:56 | Tags: Life Sciences, Evolution, Sciences

VR more engaging than video and textbooks when it comes to the classroom

Virtual reality (VR) is the most engaging and emotionally positive learning method in comparison to textbook learning and video. VR shows great potential to supplement or replace traditional learning methods and create new experiences according to researchers at the University of Warwick.

Thu 13 December 2018, 09:56 | Tags: University of Warwick, virtual reality, psychology, Sciences, Education

University of Ljubljana to lead new European university network

A university alliance founded by the UK’s University of Warwick, L’Université Paris Seine, and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), and recently joined by the University of Ljubljana, today made three announcements which were: the names of two new members of the alliance; the alliance’s name; and the fact that they have chosen the Slovenia’s University of Ljubljana and its Rector Professor Doctor Igor Papič to lead the new alliance’s approach to the European Universities of the future initiative. An initiative first suggested by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Thu 13 December 2018, 08:43 | Tags: University of Warwick, Europe, EUTOPIA