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RIS News

Congratulations to Pat Unwin who is to be awarded the Charles N. Reilley Award by SEAC


Pat Unwin has been selected by the Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry to receive the 2018 Charles N. Reilley Award. The Award recognizes outstanding research contributions in electroanalytical chemistry and will be presented at a special symposium at Pittcon in Orlando in February next year.

Pat will be the 35th winner of the Award and the first person from the UK to receive it. The Award is given in memory of the renowned US analytical chemist Charles N. Reilley and celebrates scientists whose work advances fundamental understanding in electroanalytical science over empiricism.

Pat's group has made spectacular advances in instrumental electrochemistry in the past few years, developing innovative electrochemical imaging probes to visualise interfacial dynamic processes of wide applicability, from electrocatalysts to living cells.

Mon 04 June 2018, 11:20 | Tags: research

Professor R.John Ellis to be presented with 2019 Centenary Award

Prof R.John EllisProfessor R.John Ellis, an Emeritus in the School of Life Sciences, has been honoured in the Biochemical Society's annual Awards. The awards recognise scientists for the excellence of their work and the impact it has had within the bioscience community and wider society.

Professor Ellis will be presented with the 2019 Centenary Award for his pioneering research on molecular chaperones and their role in protein folding.

Biochemical Society 2019 Award Winners

Mon 04 June 2018, 11:12 | Tags: research

£300,000 of funding available for impact from bioscience research

Thanks to £300,000 of funding from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) we are launching a number of internal funding opportunities.

Thu 15 March 2018, 16:16 | Tags: research

Shaping the ‘third wave’ of Industrial Strategy Challenge areas

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) is a new fund for Research and Development that was announced as part of the Government’s Industrial Strategy. It will likely amount to £4.7bn of funding during the period 2017-2018 to 2020-21, and will be managed by UKRI from April 2018.

Tue 06 March 2018, 09:20 | Tags: research

Dr Nikos Zygouras awarded EPSRC Early Career Fellowship

Many congratulations to Dr Nikos Zygouras, Associate Professor (Reader) in the Department of Statistics for obtaining a prestigious EPSRC Early Career Fellowship.

Mon 19 February 2018, 11:32 | Tags: research

Work complete on new WMG battery testing laboratory

We’ve finished our work to install an advanced new battery testing facility next to WMG’s Energy Innovation Centre (EIC).

Mon 12 February 2018, 15:38 | Tags: research

Dr Matthew Jenner awarded BBSRC Future Leader Fellowship

Congratulations to Dr Matthew Jenner, Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow in the Department of Chemistry, who has been awarded a BBSRC Future Leader Fellowship.

Fri 09 February 2018, 14:25 | Tags: research

PAIS researchers secure prestigious Leverhulme funding

Researchers from the Department of Politics and International Studies (PAIS) have secured research funding from the prestigious Leverhulme Trust in the form of a Leverhulme Research Project Grant and a Major Research Fellowship.

Mon 15 January 2018, 09:02 | Tags: research

Professor Richard Lilford awarded CBE

Congratulations to Richard Lilford, Professor of Public Health, who has been awarded a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2018 New Year Honours list in recognition of his services to health research.

Thu 04 January 2018, 14:41 | Tags: research

Listen in: Opportunities and challenges in data science research

Catch up on two audio Q and A’s with members of the Alan Turing Institute for Data Science who on a recent visit to campus; delivered a Town Hall meeting, met with Turing Fellows and discussed the Turing’s current and future work with Warwick’s Data Science community.

Thu 04 January 2018, 11:24 | Tags: research

Open session with Professor Philip Nelson CEO of the EPSRC

The University of Warwick is to host an open session in the Oculus with Professor Philip Nelson CEO of the EPSRC on Wednesday 17 January 2018.

Thu 14 December 2017, 13:51 | Tags: research

Government launches new Industrial Strategy white paper

This week the Government launched the ‘Industrial Strategy: Building a Britain fit for the future’, setting out a long-term vision for how Britain can build on its economic strengths, address its productivity performance, embrace technological change, and boost the earning power of people across the UK.

Tue 28 November 2017, 13:14 | Tags: research

Develop your research skills with new online training

As part of the University’s commitment to the highest ethical standards of research, a new online training course in ‘research integrity’ is now available at

Fri 24 November 2017, 09:20 | Tags: research

Two minutes with: Kate Astbury

Hear from Dr Kate Astbury (School of Modern Languages and Cultures) as she discusses her research, collaboration on public engagement and impact activities, and how research affects teaching.

Wed 23 August 2017, 08:35 | Tags: research

Researchers awarded first round of Warwick impact funding

Researchers from across the university have recently been awarded the first round of Warwick impact funding.

Fri 18 August 2017, 14:00 | Tags: research

Celebrating research excellence at Warwick

As a research led university ranked in the top 10 in the UK we are constantly working to make our research stand out on the global stage by maximising the excellence, impact and contribution of each of our disciplines.

Fri 18 August 2017, 13:59 | Tags: research

Press Releases

Warwick graduates in top 10 for highest earnings in over a dozen subjects

The government’s 2018 Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) dataset has found that in over a dozen subjects University of Warwick graduates are ranked 6th in the UK for high earnings five years after graduation.

Fri 22 June 2018, 11:37 | Tags: University of Warwick, Ranking

Alzheimer’s breakthrough: brain metals that may drive disease progression revealed

Alzheimer’s disease could be better treated, thanks to a breakthrough discovery of the properties of the metals in the brain involved in the progression of the neurodegenerative condition, by an international research collaboration including the University of Warwick.

Thu 21 June 2018, 13:05 | Tags: Health, Engineering, Sciences

Suppressed Shakespeare speech revived for Refugee Week

A short film, supported by the University of Warwick and involving Professor Tony Howard, is being released as part of Refugee Week (18th -24th June) has taken as its starting point a speech thought to be written by William Shakespeare over 400 years ago.

Thu 21 June 2018, 12:11 | Tags: Refugees, Shakespeare, English

Breaking down the barriers to employment for military spouses and partners

Nearly one in five military spouses or partners want to work but can’t get a job because of the unique challenges presented by military life, according to a new study by the University of Warwick’s Institute for Employment Research and QinetiQ for the Army Families Federation.

First Warwick behavioural science summit inspires international audience

World Bank Senior Behavioural Scientist Nina Mazar was the keynote speaker at the inaugural Warwick Behavioural Science Summit, attended by about 200 delegates from the academic community, the civil service, and industry. The Summit was created and organised by the student-run Warwick Behavioural Insights Team (WBIT), with academic support from Professor Daniel Read, Professor of Behavioural Science, and funding from the University of Warwick’s Behavioural Science Global Research Priority.

Boost for female engineers: Warwick partners with Women’s Engineering Society

Female Engineers of the present and future are to be better encouraged, supported and developed, as the University of Warwick’s School of Engineering has become an official Education Partner of the Women’s Engineering Society (WES).

Tue 19 June 2018, 11:24 | Tags: women, Engineering, Athena Swan

Rewiring plant defence genes to reduce crop waste

Plants can be genetically rewired to resist the devastating effects of disease – significantly reducing crop waste worldwide – according to new research into synthetic biology by the University of Warwick.


Mon 18 June 2018, 14:09

New ID pictures of conducting polymers discover a surprise ABBA fan

  • First ever detailed pictures of conjugated polymers – which conduct electricity and are highly sought after – captured with novel visualisation technique developed by University of Warwick
  • New approach realises Richard Feynman’s famous remark that it would be very easy to make an analysis of any complicated chemical substance; all one would have to do would be to look at it and see where the atoms are”
  • Polymers need alternating pattern of “A” monomer & smaller “B” monomer to conduct (ABAB), but the researchers discovered surprising gaps & defects in polymer structure –an ABBA pattern
Fri 15 June 2018, 21:14 | Tags: Physics, Chemistry, molecular, polymer, Polymers, Sciences

UK Universities host high-profile careers fair in Shanghai

Careers professionals at the Universities of Warwick, Birmingham and Nottingham are busy planning their next business partnership in China after their first joint graduate careers event in country attracted praise from employers, students and alumni.


£1.2 million boost to crop research at University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is set to receive £1.2 million in funding to support its pioneering research in improving the resilience, sustainability and productivity of UK crops, Environment Secretary Michael Gove has announced today.

Fri 15 June 2018, 10:06 | Tags: agriculture, UK, research, Life Sciences, crop centre, crops, Sciences

Lamppost EV charging points brought to market thanks to WMG

Lampposts could be the answer to electric vehicle charging, thanks to help from researchers at WMG, University of Warwick in bringing a new brand of charging points to market – some of which are powering electric vehicles on the University campus.

Thu 14 June 2018, 15:01 | Tags: automotive, cars, SMEs, WMG, Batteries, electric vehicles

Unique personalised online resource for carers of older people launched

A personalised online resource specifically for carers of older people in the UK has been launched by the University of Warwick.

Thu 14 June 2018, 13:56 | Tags: Warwick Medical School

Toolkit for more inclusive conferences launched by Warwick researchers

A set of recommendations to help cure the problem of feeling ‘in two places at once’ when attending work-related events such as conferences is being launched today by University of Warwick researchers. It’s a problem particularly affecting people with caring responsibilities, whether for children, parents, partners or pets – or all of them.

Tue 12 June 2018, 14:39

Large-Scale Study Indicates Novel and Abundant Nitrogen-Fixing Microbes in the Surface Ocean

Move over, cyanobacteria! A large-scale study, involving Dr Christopher Quince of the Warwick Medical School, of the Earth’s surface ocean indicates the microbes responsible for fixing nitrogen there—previously thought to be almost exclusively photosynthetic cyanobacteria–include an abundant and widely distributed suite of non-photosynthetic bacterial populations.

Tue 12 June 2018, 10:50 | Tags: Warwick Medical School

Uk’s first access course in Islamic Education launched at Warwick

The UK’s first access course in Islamic Education has been launched by the Centre for Education Studies at the University of Warwick. The short course is designed to bridge the gap between traditional Islamic seminaries and modern higher education, and is especially relevant to Muslim educators, faith leaders and graduates of traditional Islamic seminaries who want to continue their professional and academic development.

High-tech treatment of open leg wounds no better than using regular dressings

A new study of open leg fractures suggests there is no difference to patient recovery whether high-tech negative pressure wound therapy devices are used, compared to standard dressings.

Tue 12 June 2018, 10:30 | Tags: Warwick Medical School

WMG part of £1.4m EPSRC research project on user-centric and privacy-aware personal data management for leisure travellers

WMG, at the University of Warwick are partners in a £1.4m EPSRC funded research project addressing challenges about "Trust, Identity, Privacy and Security in the Digital Economy".

Mon 11 June 2018, 12:01 | Tags: WMG

UK companies need to act now to prepare for the loss of the EU right to freedom of establishment, advises Warwick legal expert

Thousands of UK corporations could lose their legal rights to do business after Brexit, warns a new briefing paper from GLOBE, a research centre within the University of Warwick’s Law School. The paper explores the possible consequences for UK companies of the loss of the EU right to freedom of establishment, and recommends actions that companies, their shareholders and creditors should take now.

Bad news becomes hysteria in crowds, new research shows

News stories about terrorism, disease outbreaks, natural disasters, and other potential threats become increasingly negative, inaccurate and hysterical when passed from person to person, according to new research by the University of Warwick.

More than words: Migration, Identity, and Translation Network public summit calls for action to tackle the monolingual mindset and language exclusion

Academics, practitioners and activists meeting at the University of Warwick call for language teaching and learning to be seen as essential in today’s global society and urge policymakers to adopt a national and international strategy to break the monolingual mindset which can limit access to social and economic opportunity and wellbeing.