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Understanding sustainability practices and materials by creatives and residents of Coventry


Sustainability and saving the planet are high on the agenda for people in general including artists whether those pursuing them as a hobby or professionally. Creative organisations and networks have a responsibility to nurture and promote sustainability practices and this is one of the agendas close to the heart of Sitting Rooms of Culture and The Peace Orchard.

The organisations want to take this agenda further by carrying out workshop activities in five locations including Warwick campus, the Peace Orchard at Coundon Hall Park, Coventry Library, Methodist Central Hall and Coventry Indoor Market and through conversations across the different locations in Coventry using recycled sofas, sofas being the symbol of Sitting Rooms of Culture. Local artists that believe in these aims and currently have a sustainable practice will be employed to lead these activities. The workshops and creative exchanges with local people and artists alike at the various locations will focus on unearthing sustainable practices linked to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals of Good Health and Well-Being, Responsible Consumption and Production and Climate Action.

In addition stories and practices and use of recycled materials will also be invited from the 5,000 strong the membership base of the Sitting Rooms of Culture and the supporters of the Peace Orchard. A student cohort will work alongside the artists to undertake research and data collection with the artists.

Public engagement and arts programme

Led by Dr Vishalakshi Roy from the Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies, researchers will work on a wide-ranging public engagement and arts programme exploring issues including the pandemic, climate change, equality to and migration. The Coventry Peace Orchard are also interested in using their site as a learning space and experimentation particularly in eco arts and bushcraft. The Opportunity to develop installations and 3D art already being tested out in 2022 and the use of sustainable materials and resources.

Sitting Rooms of Culture has devoted a physical space within the Coventry Indoor Market and is also locating its sofas in other spaces such Methodist Central Hall in Coventry. Its brand is well known and trusted and has a strong community engagement track record. The famous Sofas have become known for the drop in conversations held on them and the SRC workshops important steppingstones for a basic intro to creativity. Use of found and recycled materials have been encouraged and this has given rise to new projects with the Crafts Council for example Sitting Rooms of Couture.

This project links to the below Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):