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Case Studies For Change

People at a City of Culture event

As part of the monitoring and evaluation of Coventry UK City of Culture, researchers at the University of Warwick and Coventry University undertook a series of research projects focusing on key impact areas for the region. These provided important insights into the value of culture for the people of Coventry, going beyond quantitative measures to understand the wider impacts and potential of the City of Culture.

Policing, culture & community

Policing, Culture & Community

The project sought to understand the potential for police partnerships around arts and culture to have a positive impact on crime reduction and the protection of vulnerable people, on increasing diversity in recruitment, and on police relationships with young people and seldom heard communities.

Faith & Culture

Faith and Culture

The research looked at City of Culture activities through the lens of culture and faith, focusing on three specific cohorts in three areas of the city, using a range of data collection methods including focus groups, interviews and more. It seeks have some output using creative visual means to capture findings for a public audience beyond the M&E team.

Integrating environment

Integrating the Environment

Led by the Centre for Business in Society and Centre for Agro-ecology, Water and Resilience, Coventry University, this study evaluated how environmental issues were embedded within the planning, governance and delivery of Coventry City of Culture 2021.

Civic partnerships

Civic, Cultural & Business Partnerships

This project addressed how the City of Culture’s transformational vision for Coventry and its residents is enacted, lived with, and experienced by residents in key positions within the City’s civic, cultural, and business communities.

Volunteering & community

Volunteering, Wellbeing & Civic Pride

This project involved a mixed-methods study to examine how and to what extent the volunteering programme has impacted those taking part; particularly in terms of subjective well-being and civic pride.

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