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Behavioural Humanities

How do characters behave in novels and films and what does this teach us about psychology?

Do works of fiction take common forms and if so why?

Behavioural science and humanities focusing on the growing potential for research at the boundary between the arts and sciences.

In this theme, we focusing on trying to address these questions by bringing together researchers from across disciplines to find out what we can learn from one another.

Subjects across the university share a common interest in the history of thought and ideas: of the metacognitive categories through which the mind was understood and social behaviour examined. Warwick’s Behaviour, Brain & Society GRP proposes to examine unconsidered links between academics working across the university. The histories of philosophy, science, and literature provide an account of how human thought was imagined in society; the history and practice of business subjects give an account of how these ideas were put into practice. We’ll be proposing talks, colloquia, and other events where researchers from around the university can make connections—inside and outside Warwick—around shared research interests. Academics from the humanities interested in working within the group should contact Michael Meeuwis (ECLS):

Please also register for our newly launched Behavioural Humanities speaker series!