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There is a long tradition of combining humanities with the behavioural and social sciences. We have adopted this theme to encourage researches to draw links between art, music, literature and the behavioural and social sciences.

Future events

Webinar series 2020/2021, registrations will be open soon!

Monday 11th January 2021
Productivity, Performance and Inward Investment

Speakers: Professor Nigel Driffield, Professor Jan Godsell and Clive Reynolds

How can you build a bedrock excellence for productivity? What can leadership practice could firms develop to accelerate their journey to Supply Chain Productivity?

In our first webinar of the 2021 series, Professor Jan Godsell, Professor Nigel Driffield and Clive Reynolds will provide reflections on value creation at firm level, what firms could do improve High Performance Working and Productivity and what this means for policy makers.

Thursday 29th April 2021
Creative Industries

Dr Chris Bilton and TBC

Wednesday 14th July 2021
Teleworkability as a new digital divide

Speakers: Professor Chris Warhurst and Dr Enrique Fernandez-Macias

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