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Connecting Cultures Global Research Priority provides support and resources for those working in and with culture. Our work is loosely structured around three themes:

  • Creativity and Connection: Exploring the value and potential of the arts and culture as vehicles for the interpretation and generation of complex ideas. Work in this theme highlights the development of a wide range of cultural practices and their impact as a means of accessing improved wellbeing. The theme supports work that involves minority communities and people normally remote from academic research and explores the role of performativity, broadly conceived, in stimulating and communicating transformative thinking. Work on cultural value and the value of culture is also central to this theme
  • Culture and Community: Research that explores the role of culture in establishing and negotiating relationships between people and places across times and spaces, particularly in relation to migration, human rights, and social justice. Work in this theme explores the concepts of identity, belonging, inclusion/exclusion, justice, and citizenship and seeks to foster cultural exchange that promotes social change.
  • Transnational and Global Humanities: Focusing on translation and exchange between or among cultures, from the local to the global. This theme supports innovative projects that seek to understand and address the challenges of a globally connected world, along with the complexities of the past from which it emerged.

If you would like to discuss how your project might fit within our themes, please contact Felicity Boardman ( for projects related to our new SEM Faculty funding CallLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window or our Creativity and Connection Theme; Ana Chamberlen ( for projects related to our Culture and Community Theme or James Poskett ( for projects related to our Transnational and Global Humanities Theme.