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Transnational and Global Humanities projects

Below is a selection of projects our theme has recently supported.

Does your research fall into one of our themes? Join our research network to get involved. If you have a related project, please contact our administrator.

Warwick Prize for Women in Translation

This prize launched in 2017. Our aim is to address the gender imbalance in translated literature. We want to increase the number of international women's voices accessible to readers. The 2019 prize received 92 entries from 30 languages.

Setting the Scene: The architectural imagination of Renaissance artists

This workshop explored how architecture is presented in European painting. We focused on work from Italy and the Netherlands in the fifteenth and sixteenth century. Our speakers included established scholars, curators and early career researchers.

Light in Darkness: An audio tour of an important new exhibition on the life and thought of Jacob Bohme

Coventry Cathedral hosted this exhibition. Jacob Bohme (1575-1624) was one of the most important German thinkers. His writings emphasised on the dignity of humanity, peace and freedom. His work inspired many English poets and artists.