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Energy GRP Summer Internships

What are our Global Research Priorities?

Our Global Research Priorities (GRPs) unite researchers to tackle pressing global issues.

They create challenge-focused communities, bringing together and supporting researchers from many different disciplines. From energy to health to sustainability, our ten GRPs address some of the planet's biggest challenges.

We have close partnerships with third parties, such as policy makers, charities and industry. We provide seed funding for projects, and facilitate networking opportunities and other research-related events throughout the year.

What are our areas of research?

Our research falls into six themes:

Electrical power
Energy management
Energy storage
Low carbon transport
Heating and Cooling
Politics and Policy
Why energy?

Our fossil fuel supply will run out. Finding sustainable sources of energy and ways to store them is vital. Energy is one of UK Research and Innovation's prioritiesLink opens in a new window. Our research aims to support this.

Who is involved?

We have over 538 members from 29 departments. This includes academics from physical sciences, engineering and social sciences. By working together, our research is broader. Looking for contacts in a particular research area? Contact our administrator for more information.