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Regional Energy Systems Operator Project – Kate Ashworth

Last month we were delighted to welcome Kate Ashworth from Energy Capital to deliver a talk: A place-based approach to power, heat and transport.

Kate introduced us to the Regional Energy Systems Operator (RESO) project; a 24 month project with a focus in Coventry which commenced on 1st January 2020 and aims to deliver:

  1. A detailed smart local energy infrastructure design for the city of Coventry, specifying an energy infrastructure vision for the city suitable to meet future energy demands for power, heat and transport up to 2050.
  2. An operating model for this design (i.e. a real-time city energy asset optimisation and management framework)
  3. A business model which specifies the stable regional institutional and organisational framework necessary to secure and support the long-term investments required.

The project will build on an approach developed and tested here on the University of Warwick campus at WMG to design a system for the whole of Coventry city.

This innovative projects will position the West Midlands as a global leader in smart energy. Read the full press release from West Midlands Combined Authority here.

To view the presentation from Kate Ashworth and learn all about Energy Capital and the RESO project you can download the slides here.