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Russia’s War in Ukraine and its Consequences for Sustainability

Russia’s War in Ukraine and its Consequences for Sustainability

28 June 2022, Space 43, Scarman Conference Centre, University of Warwick

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About the event

The University of Warwick is organising this one-day conference to discuss the global consequences of Russia’s War in Ukraine, for the sustainability of the planet. The ongoing war unleashed by Russia in February 2022 does not only have devastating consequences for Ukraine, but also has a significant impact on the rest of the world.

We are witnessing what the Germans have called - a Zeitenwende – a major historical turning point that will have profound implications on everything - on a planetary scale - from trade, production, supply and wealth, to security, war and the ability of the global international society to meet urgent challenges such as climate change, poverty, inequality and global health.

This one-day conference will address specific challenges of sustainability, with planetary consequences, on the following issues:

  • Energy and food security in the context of Russia’s war: from cascading risks to global effects?
  • Ruined cities and destroyed infrastructures: What are the consequences for global connectedness?
  • The human dimension: What lessons for democratic sustainability?
About the organisers

This conference is an initiative of the University of Warwick’s Global Research Priorities (GRPs) in association with the Institute for Global Sustainable Development. The GRPs respond to complex global challenges that can only be tackled through research excellence. They unite academics from many different disciplines to address some of humanity’s most urgent questions - enabling us to improve the lives of people around the world. Find out more about the GRPs.

The Institute for Global Sustainable Development is a research institute that provides a gateway to sustainable development research at Warwick.

There is no charge for attending this conference but you must register in advance: Register Now