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Interdisciplinary Conference - 'Food Encounters: A Network Conference'

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On Thursday the 6th February 2020, the Food GRP held an interdisciplinary conference in the Wolfson Research Exchange at the University.

The event was in two parts; the first part showcasing University research on food across the four Food GRP themes, with short presentations followed by networking sessions and the second, an Ideas Café workshop for conversations on memories, thoughts, interests and ideas for improvements around our food and food system.

The event was attended by over 40 Warwick and other University staff and students from across a wide range of disciplines and partners in the local community. Participant feedback was very positive with regard to it being a useful and informative event, with 85% agreeing that the information and ideas will benefit their research/thinking/activities and 95% having made useful connections to take forward. Feedback is currently being used to shape future GRP events and activities.

Please see presentations, abstracts and posters from the event below under the four Food GRP themes.

Food and Environment

Yaniv Hanoch, Southampton Business School, PhD student


Meat consumption and environmental concern. Abstract. Poster

Julie Mansuy, School of Law  

European Geographical Indication Labels: Not So Traditional After All. Abstract .Poster

Professor Richard Napier, Life Sciences  

Europe's Green Deal and Disruptive Rethinking of Food and Agriculture - who is ready? Abstract. Poster

Professor Andrew J Oswald, Economics


Evolution of well-being and happiness after increase in consumption of food and vegetables/does eating fruit and vegetables reduce risk of depression/anxiety.

Professor Sarah Richardson, History


Useful Soup for Benevolent Purposes: the Politics of Domestic Economy. Abstract Poster

Food Security

Nick Kuht, Life Sciences, PhD student


Uniformity at harvest is key to achieving maximal marketable yields and minimising wastage in salad onion crops. Abstract. Poster

Dr Alex McCormack, Research, Life Sciences


Sustainable routes: a roadmap towards integrated management of soil borne diseases in Onion. Abstract .Poster

Food and Health

Professor Francesco Cappuccio, WMS


The Four Imperatives for a reduction in population's salt consumption. Abstract Poster

Sophie Clohessy, WMG, Applied Psychology , PhD Student


Factors affecting employees eating behaviours in the office-based workplace: A systematic review

Natasha Gandhi, WMG Applied Psychology, PhD student


Associative cues underpinning judgements of food healthiness. Abstract Poster

Josh Gibbs, Life Sciences, Student


The effect of plant-based diets on blood pressure. Abstract. Poster

Dr Kirsty Lee, Psychology


What is the link between disordered eating and borderline personality disorder across adolescence? Abstract .Poster

Daniel Mensah, Warwick Medical School, PhD student


Meat, fruit and vegetable consumption in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review and meta-regression analysis. Abstract.Poster

Dr Ben Richardson, Politics and International Studies (PAIS)


Sugar reduction in post-Brexit UK: A supply-side policy agenda. Abstract. Poster

Food and Culture
Shrikant Botre, History  

The Brahminical Impossibility of Meat: Protein Politics in Western India, 1890-1950.

Nora Castle, English and Comparative Literary Studies, PhD Student  

Food, food way and environmental crisis in contemporary speculative fiction. Abstract. Poster

 Dr Eileen John, Philosophy  

Meals and Meaning. Abstract. Poster

Louise Morgan, Centre for the History of Medicine, PhD student  

‘Eat Better, Not Less’: Contextualising Clean Eating in History. Abstract. Poster

Leiyan Ni, History, PhD Student  

Daily food provisions in Canton in the trading port of Canton in China. Abstract. Poster


Professor Rosemary Collier, Life Sciences



Roger Sykes, University of Oxford


GFS Interdisciplinary research programme – Resilience of the UK Food System in a Global Context