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RSA - The Road to Renewal

RSA, Food, Farming and Countryside Commission - The Road to Renewal

In response to Covid-19, the RSA, Food, Farming and Countryside Commission (RSA - FFCC) are setting up a project – The Road to Renewal – which will gather and curate the stories of innovation, adaption and resilience from people and communities across the UK, so that they can be taken into account in debates and discussions post-crisis.

They want to collect and document all the ways in which people are responding across the UK – to show how the food and farming sectors adapt and respond, and the effect the pandemic is having on rural communities. They hope to hear stories where businesses and communities have been able to adapt fast. They also want to hear those stories that reveal the fragilities of our current food and farming systems.

…and this is where the RSA, FFCC would really appreciate your help! They need to gather some content and stories over the next few days before they can launch the website at the end of this week. They’re ideally looking for short 2-5-minute videos but are taking written submissions too. The videos can be as simple as just someone filming themselves on their smartphone, or they can involve the people around them (in line with government social distancing guidelines!) There's no need for the videos to be polished – it's the stories They're really interested in.

There’s more info about video recording, written submission, and how to upload content in this form:

(please note this form is a draft, and still requires further links to be added to it).

Would you be able to share the project and please forward the form to anyone that you think might be keen to contribute or has an interesting story to tell? Or submit yourself? Do feel free to share with as wide a network as you see fit.

If any of the info or content in the form doesn’t make sense or is a bit unclear – please do also say so we can improve it.

Feel free to call the Project Manager: Elliot Kett on 07535 085235 to discuss further or if you have any Questions.

Elliot Kett - Project and Engagement Manager, The RSA, t: 020 7451 6835, m: 07535 085235, e:, w:, a: 8 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6EZ