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Our Research

Below is a selection of activities we have supported.

For more information on current projects see our research news page.

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Using astronomical observations to measure greenhouse gases

Telescopes around the world observe astronomical targets each night. To do so, they must look through the Earth's atmosphere. Signatures from the Earth, known as telluric contaminants, are typically seen as noise and removed. This project explored the potential for utilising these tellurics to study the Earth's atmosphere, and particularly to track the concentration of the greenhouse gases CO2 and CH4.

Flood mapping with Sentinel earth observation data

Flooding is an increasing hazard, representing the most damaging natural disaster globally in both lives lost and cost for the past decade. This project explored using state of the art machine learning methods to accurately determine flood extent in publicly available satellite images, improving on past techniques by including pre-flood optical images in the classification. The long term aim is to provide a reliable, accurate service mapping floods rapidly to improve disaster relief efforts.

Annual keynote speaker

Each year we will be welcoming an internationally renowned speaker to Warwick, to deliver a lecture on a topic associated with our research.

Welcoming visiting scholars

Our Habitability GRP welcomes two visiting scholars each year for one or two weeks to work with us. The aim is to learn more about each others' research and ways we can collaborate.

Seminar series

We are hosting a seminar series around Habitability in conjunction with the Centre for Exoplanets and Habitability. Each seminar will explore a different concept of our GRP research. All are welcome. For more information, see our events calendar.