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Professor Jadu Dash Webinar

Webinar: Earth Observation for Environmental Sensing

Professor Jadu Dash

Jadu Dash, Professor in Remote Sensing, Geography and Environmental Science, University of Southampton

Talk Abstract

Earth observation data from Satellite sensors plays crucial role in monitoring environmental changes from local to global scale. Over the past decade there has been significant development in terms of satellite sensing capabilities and data coverage both from public and private sector organisations. One specific example is the European Copernicus programme, one of the largest operational environmental monitoring programme to date. The Copernicus programme consists of a suit of Sentinel satellite missions collecting a range of different data for monitoring the Earth surface and the atmosphere at a fine spatial and temporal scale. Free availability of these data opens up new opportunities for innovative product and information which are being routines used in key developments in areas of food security, Achieving net zero carbon emission and sustainable growth. This talk will focus on few example applications of the Sentinel satellite data in environmental monitoring and will introduce an agile cloud based data processing and visualisation framework (Southampton EO Engine) for satellite data processing.

If you have any queries about the event, please contact habitability at warwick dot ac dot uk