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About Us

What are our Global Research Priorities?

Our Global Research Priorities (GRPs) unite researchers to tackle pressing global issues.

They create challenge-focused communities, bringing together and supporting researchers from many different disciplines. From energy to health to sustainability, our ten GRPs address some of the planet's biggest challenges.

We have close partnerships with third parties, such as policy makers, charities and industry. We provide seed funding for projects, and facilitate networking opportunities and other research-related events throughout the year.

What are our areas of research?

Our research is based on our seven themes:

  • Circular Economy
  • Fundamental Materials
  • Future Materials
  • Industrial Biotechnology
  • Industry 4.0
  • Materials and Manufacturing in Society
  • Space Technology

For more information, see our research page.

Why innovative manufacturing and future materials?

It is important that the resources we use are sustainable.

We want to keep our finite resources at their highest value for as long as we can. After using them as many times as possible, we need to be able to dispose of them in a responsible way. Our research looks at the ethical, legal and societal issues that come with these technological developments.

Who is involved?

Our researchers are drawn from many different departments and across faculties.

We have a wide range of expertise. We work together to ensure our research is successful in the real world.