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For Students

It's not just academics that get involved in our research, our students do too.

Our Innovative Manufacturing and Future Materials GRP supports students and student research.

Our internships

Our GRP does offer student internships. We will be announcing this year's shortly.


We also can sponsor group projects.

Your project must contain members from departments across the university. Please fill in this form with a summary of your project and who is involved.

We really want to help our students excel. After all, you are the next generation of researchers.

We offer the following support, designed to help you reach your full potential:

  • Access to existing equipment
  • Sponsor student conferences
  • Offering places at trade shows and exhibitions
  • Travel grants

We support a number of student projects. They include:

We can offer you practical advice on how to run an event, including how to book a space at the University and how to complete the relevant forms.

We also can help you with content for an event, including organising speakers to attend.

To submit your request, fill out this form.

We are a group of undergraduates from Chemistry, Physics and Engineering. We produce videos to showcase the research Warwick and the Innovative Manufacturing and Future Materials GRP is doing.

We need you! If you're interested in the research we do and want to learn more, get in touch via our Facebook page.

Check out our YouTube channel to see what we've done so far.