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The Materials GRP is a network of over 100 academics across several departments. It reflects Warwick’s commitment to multi-disciplinary materials research. It embraces activity within the Departments and Schools of Chemistry, Engineering, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Medicine, as well as the interdisciplinary Centres for Complexity, Scientific Computing, Analytical Science, Systems Biology and MOAC.

Underpinning all today's technologies are remarkable advances in materials."

The Materials GRP addresses a wide range of materials that are vital for the development of future technology:

  • Hard materials: functional, adaptive, electronic and meta-material
  • Soft materials: supramolecules, polymers, proteins, and in-vivo soft matter
  • Materials for energy, catalysis and biomaterials
  • Combinations of materials, their surfaces and interfaces, hard-soft material interfaces and composites

Activities range from understanding the fundamental science that determines a material's properties, through highly advanced nanofabrication and atomic scale characterisation, to application development. Issues considered will include security and supply of materials, product design and manufacture, and the customer interface.

Only by pushing materials research can advanced consumer products become feasible and allow, as yet unimagined, future 'essential' applications to be developed."

Expertise exists across the University and will be further developed for all stages of materials development: growth/synthesis, characterisation, device fabrication, exploitation, with predictive modelling inherent in all stages.

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