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How can innovation be value adding for firm's stakeholders?

Why is innovation important for productivity and growth?

Innovation – the introduction of new products, services, processes and business models – is the key to sustained competitiveness for companies and nations alike.

Innovation adds value for firms’ stakeholders and can improve the lives and experience of consumers. Warwick research on innovation and its contribution to productivity, growth and competitiveness is diverse. Firms’ ability to adopt and effectively deploy new technologies has been a continued theme through the work of Paul Stoneman and more recently Professor Giuliana Battisti. Knowledge networks and sharing have been at the heart of other work by Professor Davide Nicolini, Professor Jacky Swan and colleagues. Value chain perspectives and the impact of innovation on competitiveness in smaller firms have been the focus of work by Professor Stephen Roper and Dr Jo Turner. Innovation in the provision of health services has been the focus of work by Graeme Currie and others.

You can find links to some recent Warwick research on innovation and productivity below but all together the Warwick research repository includes over 200 innovation related research papers!

Some examples of recent innovation research at Warwick can be found in the Publications and Blogs Section below:



System level leadership fit for the future: Lessons from Covid-19 

Professor Graeme Currie

04 June, 2020

In our latest blog Professor Graeme Currie looks at what we have learnt from Covid-19 in responding to a crisis and how this learning and recovery is essential in knowing how to deal with a second wave and future pandemics.

'Covid-19 and the implications for future innovation'
Professor Stephen Roper

22 April, 2020

Professor Stephen Roper examines industry collaboration, research and development and the importance of innovation during a time of Covid-19 and beyond.


'Covid-19 and the implications for future innovation'
Professor Stephen Roper 

Will positive collaborations inspire broader innovation in the economy or will the financial pressures on firms have a more negative effect? How will this affect smaller and larger firms? Professor Stephen Roper will examine the impact of Covid-19 on research and development industry collaboration and innovation.