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Nudge Unit

The Nudge Unit conducts research aiming to solve problems by applying insights from Behavioural Science both inside and outside Warwick University.

Research projects conducted by WBIT aim to investigate people’s behaviour and to induce behavioural changes by applying insights from Behavioural Science. WBIT’s projects are characterized by a collaborative approach that makes these accessible to everyone, including students new to research.

Examples of research include interventions to reduce waste and improve recycling practices at university accommodations on campus, energy consumption and fast fashion. The Nudge Unit is ideal for people who want to dip their toes into research and want a more collaborative approach.

Current Teams in Nudge Unit (2022-2023)

Consumer Behaviour


Team Representative:

Aslesha Pathapati

Team Members:

Ayushi Chandran

Xieli Liao

Yingfei Ma

Femi Ogunjemilusi

Yunsi Wang


Team Representative:

Daniel Chang

Team Members:

Seerat Arora

Hsin-Yu Chen

Mingxuan Gong

Yanqian Xue

Yu-Chan Yang

Wonder Women

Team Representative:

Chunlu Shen

Team Members:

Haowen Li

Anusha Nigudkar

Ning Pan

Hansika Rupal Panchal

Mehreen Siddiqui

Health & Well-Being

Kahn You Change?

Team Representative:

Swati Gupta

Team Members:

Karina Marquez Guerra

Aishah Ibrahim

Bong'osa McHaro

Swaranjali Sharma

Yidan Song


Team Representative:

Divya Makhija

Team Members:

Xuan Ge

Zhongyue Lin

Yu Han Ooi

Supraja Veeraraghavan

Zhongtian Wang


The Environmentalists

Team Representative:

Sruthi Ganesan

Team Members:

Yuan Cheng

Mahek Chopra

Abdus Samad Kidwai

Nitya Rander

Sarot Thairatsatien


Team Representative:

Diana Chiang

Team Members:

Biswajit Chaki

Kathy Kelly

Khushneet Sandhu

Kartikeya Saraswat

Haohua Wen

Kaixin Xie