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Great Minds - An Exploration of the Brain

Monday 14th March 2022 - 9.30am - 1.30pm

Location: University of Warwick, Radcliffe Conference Centre, Space 2

We are thrilled to announce that the Behaviour, Brain and Society GRP have teamed up with the Health GRP and Productivity GRP to host the first in the series of exclusive events centred around the brain. If you are interested in how the brain works and want to learn about creating healthy mental habits, then please do register below for this in-person event.We have a number of academics that will present talks on the day and can help to answer:What do we know and what are we discovering about the form and function of the human brain? How does our Brain Work? How do we make big decisions, and how do these decisions impact our lives? How can we optimise our mental health? 
Come and join us during Brain Awareness Week, and learn about the brain from a number of different aspects, from Neuro-scientific, Health, Neuro-Financial and much more...

Agenda for the day:

9.30 Registration & refreshments

10.00 Introduction to the event

10.15 A Neuro-Economical View of the Brain - Prof Lukasz Walasek, Behaviour, Brain & Society GRP Lead

10.45 A look into Mental Health and how we can create healthy mental habits - Dr Carla Toro, Productivity and Futures of Work GRP Theme Lead - Health & Wellbeing

11.15 Break

11.30 A Neuro-scientific view of the brain: A look inside the brain - Prof Bruno Frenguelli, GRP Neuroscience Theme Lead for Behaviour, Brain & Society GRP

12.00 A Neuro-physiological view of the brain - Prof Nicholas Dale, Prof in Neuroscience and Theme Lead for Behaviour, Brain and Society GRP

12.30 Lunch & Networking

You can view the full programme here