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Great Minds Event: Agenda


 9:30am – 10am  

Welcome Drinks and Registration. 

To take place in the reception area of Radcliffe House, Warwick University. 


10am - 10.15am  

Introduction of event. 

(Lawrence Young, Health GRP Lead) 

Lawrence to provide some context around the event, what we hope to achieve from the event, and what will be next in the series of Brain related events that are to be held in 2022. Lawrence to also signpost new website page which will contain all work associated with brain that has taken place/taking place at UoW. Also mention next event taking place 14th April which is aimed at general Public. 



A Neuro-Economical View of the Brain 

(Prof. Lukasz Walasek, Behaviour, Brain and Society GRP Lead) 

Prof. Lukasz Walasek will give a talk around how Decision- making is studied in the brain from an economical perspective. Why, and how, do people make certain financial decisions, and how does the notion of judgement fit into this process? 


10.45-11:15 am  

A look into Mental Health, and how we can create healthy mental habits.  

(Dr Carla Toro, Productivity and Futures of Work GRP Theme Lead – Health and Wellbeing) 

Dr. Carla Toro will provide an overview of the ongoing MHPP mental health interventions within the workplace, in particular a trial for eating disorders. Emerging themes such as prior help-seeking, benefits of supporting employees with sub-clinical mental health problems, impacts of hybrid working and work engagement will be discussed. 


11:15am – 11:30am ***** Tea & Coffee Break***** 


11:30am – 12:00pm  

A Neuro-anatomical view of the brain: A look inside the brain (Using a Microscope and Brain tissue slides) 

(Prof. Bruno Frenguelli, GRP Neuroscience theme Lead for the Behaviour, Brain and Society GRP) 

Prof Frenguelli will look at the capacity of the human brain to learn and remember, Today, a greater understanding has been achieved of the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the processes of learning and memory, and how these processes may become disordered in disease states such as Alzheimer's Disease or after conditions such as Stroke. Dr Frenguelli will dive deeper into these concepts. 


12:00pm – 12:30pm  

A Neuro-physiological view of the brain:  

(Prof. Nicholas Dale, Prof in Neuroscience, GRP Neuroscience theme Lead for the Behaviour, Brain and Society GRP) 

Prof Nicholas Dale will look at the theme of neurons and how they communicate with each other to achieve the desired neural function. This talk will essentially be an exploration of how chemical signalling in the nervous system works.  


12:30pm – 1pm 

Potential talk from contact at MIND – TBC and/or another representative from a like minded charity.  


*****12.40-13:30   Networking and Lunch*****