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Research Opportunities


CAHRD Research Opportunities briefing and networking event

“Applied Health Research in the Developing World”

Weds 26 June 2013 midday – 2 pm
Lunch included

Central campus venue (Systems Biology top floor Senate House ROOM 336)

This event will provide a forum for all CAHRD/WCAHRD appointees to learn more about research funding opportunities relevant to your interests and will provide an opportunity for networking with each other and Warwick Research Support Services staff. The aim is to tailor this session to the needs of CAHRD / WCAHRD appointees, all of whom are welcome.

There will be an opportunity for the CARHD appointees to tell us a little about their research priorities.

The event will be facilitated by the Research Support Services teams supporting your Faculties, we hope to have both Director Research Support Services and Professor Peter WInstanley attending (TBC)

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Download 26 June Presentations here:

Funding Opps(Powerpoint Presentation)

Contracts (Powerpoint Presentation)

grant_applications (Powerpoint Presentation)

submitting_priorities (Powerpoint Presentation)

introducing_olalekan (Powerpoint Presentation)

introducing_s._torr (Powerpoint Presentation)


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