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Title of Network: E-health applications for physical activity, sleep, and circadian rhythms-Network

(Short: E-health Applications Network)

Lead: Sakari Lemola


Physical activity, sleep, and circadian rhythms play an important role for health and wellbeing. Modern commercial electronic devices such as dedicated sensors and gateways, smartphones and fitness trackers allow for the remote monitoring of physical activity, sleep, and circadian rhythms opening new venues to provide feedback and assist tentatively healthier behaviour changes. Research in this field faces several challenges, due to its mandatory multidisciplinarity, requiring close collaboration between biomedical engineers, data scientists, statisticians, mathematicians, sleep and circadian rhythm researchers, clinicians, and psychologists. The E-health applications for physical activity, sleep, and circadian rhythms-network facilitates multidisciplinary exchange of knowhow to synergise impact. Themes of the network include (but are not restricted to) healthy ageing, early diagnosis and treatment, drug delivery, telehealth-telecare, chronomedicine, workplace productivity, health in resource limited settings, and the promotion of health habits related to physical activity, sleep and circadian rhythms in general.

Several Warwick groups with complementary expertise are part of the network.

Network Members

Name Department/Division Weblink
Elettra Latini Decision Research @ Warwick

Anu Realo Department of Psychology

Nicole Tang Department of Psychology
Sakari Lemola Department of Psychology

Anita Lenneis Department of Psychology

Derrick Watson Department of Psychology

Dieter Wolke Department of Psychology

Barbel F. Finkenstadt Department of Statistics

David Rand Mathematics Institute and Zeeman Institute
Andrea Isoni Warwick Business School

Leandro Pecchia School of Engineering

Jerome Charmet Warwick Manufacturing Group
Lukasz Walasek Warwick Manufacturing Group

Mark T. Elliott Warwick Manufacturing Group
Francesco P. Cappuccio Warwick Medical School
Francis Levi Warwick Medical School
Judith Klein Seetharaman Warwick Medical School

Pasquale F. Innominato Warwick Medical School

Robert Dallmann Warwick Medical School

Michelle Miller Warwick Medical School