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Alzheimers Related Research at Warwick

Coventry and Alzheimer’s

The early and accurate diagnosis of dementia is a major national and local priority, and Coventry is a Dementia Friendly City and member of the Dementia Action Alliance. Despite this, it is estimated that only 50% of persons with dementia in the Coventry region will receive a proper diagnosis.

What is Warwick doing about this?

Translational research into diagnostics is essential to ensure appropriate care provision, and opportunities for future intervention and treatment.

Warwick is extremely well-positioned to undertake ground-breaking research in this field, drawing on a unique interdisciplinary combination of core research strengths within the field of biomedicine (in particular, biomedical systems).

We are committed to raising awareness and financial support for this research. Philanthropic donors including friends and alumni have donated since £28,820 the start of the 50Forward campaign and the University has appointed a number of early career researchers in the field.

For more information

Visit our ‘Healthy Ageing’ webpage to learn more and watch a short video.

Specialist academics at Warwick working on this area include:

Name Department Contact
Joanna Collingwood Engineering N/A
Theo Arvanitis IDH N/A
Christopher James WMG N/A
Mike Chappell Engineering N/A
Declan Bates Engineering N/A
Maria Liakata Computer Science N/A
Sarah Lim Choi Keung IDH N/A
Charles Hutchinson WMS N/A
Yuriy Pankratov SLS N/A
Mark Wall SLS N/A
Theresa Pinheiro SLS N/A
Kevin Moffat SLS N/A
Josef Lewandowski Chemistry N/A
Martin Underwood CTU N/A
Thomas Nichols WMG, Stats N/A
Weisi Guo Engineering N/A
Magnus Richardson Sys Bio N/A
Leandro Pecchia Engineering N/A
Simon Mitchell Engineering N/A
Carole Mockford WMS N/A
Frances Griffiths WMS N/A
Katie Spanjers WMS N/A
George Tadros WMS N/A
Julie Bruce WMS N/A
Nicky Atherton WMS N/A
Michelle Miller WMS N/A